gato-gato-gato: Rostock
vali....: \ O /
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Indigo | 592: The Makings of an Imaginary Autumn
Edu.San.: Atardecer
bonhiver69: marching
richieb56: Oberlichter - Skylights
leo.roos: International Mother Language Day Monument, Zuiderpark, The Hague
michael_hamburg69: P O N M L K J
José Luis Cosme Giral: Strolling at night...10 Pamplona.
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Winchester
ximo rosell: Forum. Barcelona.
norahlfy: Textures and colour
Vincent Mourlon B.: 2020-09-12_09-00-49
babou.clermont: carré noir et ombres
ainz1607: The red line
berholz: abgesperrt
stimuloog: Landscape in bokeh
sswj: Inside Sculpture III
basketnick: Fortunately Tobacco Stores are a Dying Breed
Ivan van Nek: Mercerie - Bonneterie
Récard: Abstract Square 82
Kees Couwenberg: Abstracte architectuur
Chris Fraikin: Veenendaal CXVII
babou.clermont: mur et géométrie
ralfxaver: Facade featuring stairway
Chris Fraikin: Veenendaal CXXVIII