jpaulus672: JPK39195
jpaulus672: DSCF3379
jpaulus672: DSCF3612
jpaulus672: Forêt HDR
Irene Ruysch: One leaf
_Natasa_: Time Has A Wonderful Way Of Showing Us What Really Matters
George Kurzik: Bold (IR)
jpaulus672: DSCF4775
visualstripes: Chiaroscuro
Gladys Klip: Havik / goshawk / autour de palombes
Hurf77: _MG_4272
Hurf77: Inveraray 3
Hurf77: Glamis 1 Blue tit
Ron and Co.: Orange mosscap
s0340248: DSC42626 Sonnenuntergang 2022
s0340248: DSC42622 Sonnenuntergang 2022
HUGH MC MILLAN: Puffin, Isle of May, Scotland.
randallkeller: Roses And Roses…And Roses And……….
marijke b.: Afternoon sun
marijke b.: Flower
mystero233: Hello there
mystero233: Alone and quiet
mystero233: Sunrise in the fjords
Lacerta Bilineata: Pray, Love, Eat... Your Husband ;-)
Lacerta Bilineata: The Last Survivor (for a less cropped version, see text below)
Lacerta Bilineata: 'The Look' (For a more detailed closeup, see text below)
Peter Musolino: Arlington, VA
rojam1000: _O1A3755-CR2_DxO_DeepPRIME-Edit