valery_pokotylo: February 5, 2023. The 347th day of war in Ukraine. Between light and darkness. The Volodymyrska Girka. St. Volodymyr's Hill. Kyiv.
Look and Feel !: Sunset in snowed forest - On Explore February 5, 2023
Gaetan Bois: Portugal - Porto
DonCoombez: Dew drop delight
garrymoors: 20230205_133501
marijke b.: Light in the dark
chatka2004: Bruxelles, Woluwé saint Pierre, Le parc des sources
DonCoombez: Treecreeper
marijke b.: Ruben L. Oppenheimer
KCL Images: Nothing is more memorable than a smell...
Ron and Co.: The morning brings colour
constanzaflorescaceres: Gaviotin Monja / Juvenil
Amy Hudechek Photography: Mountain Bluebird in the Snow
Sultan Sultani: Gull Sequence
valery_pokotylo: February 1, 2023. The 343th day of war in Ukraine. Decoration of the Church of Reverend Agapit Pecherskyi. Interior design. Kyiv.
DonCoombez: Tough night…
Look and Feel !: Lost in the mist
Dumont Rainville: Buse pattue / Rough-Legged Buzzard / (Buteo lagopus)
marijke b.: Moon this evening, with Golden Handle ( left ) On Explore
Gladys Klip: Bruine kiekendief / marsh harrier / busard des roseaux
bedeauannabelle: January Blues
Sultan Sultani: Gull is Landing
Amy Hudechek Photography: Moody Mountains
roslyn.russell: National Archives of Australia Friends Lounge diving image and chair
valery_pokotylo: January 28, 2023. The 339th day of war in Ukraine. National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine - Pyrohiv. Kyiv.
Dumont Rainville: Hibou moyen-duc / Long-eared Owl / (Asio otus)
Gaetan Bois: Canada - Québec - Montréal - Place des Arts