DonCoombez: Red tailed hawk
DonCoombez: Mmm rotting apple eating admiral
DonCoombez: Hungry hungry hornet
DonCoombez: Hornet in an apple
DonCoombez: Common common darter
DonCoombez: Evening light hydrangea
DonCoombez: Red admiral on a gate
DonCoombez: Common darter?
DonCoombez: Jerusalem artichoke
DonCoombez: Southern hawker
DonCoombez: Camou-fly-age
DonCoombez: Marshmallows toasting time
DonCoombez: Hi-flying hibiscus
DonCoombez: Southern hawker dragonfly fly-by
DonCoombez: Great Egret in Every-way
DonCoombez: Autumn begins
DonCoombez: Top’n’tail
DonCoombez: Summer Sunflower in Autumn
DonCoombez: Content cat
DonCoombez: Rose among the fallen
DonCoombez: The road to remembrance
DonCoombez: Vimy Canadian War Memorial WW1
DonCoombez: Ring of remembrance - Albain-Saint-Nazaire
DonCoombez: Ulster memorial tower WW1
DonCoombez: Tyne Cot Cemetery WW1
DonCoombez: Cambrai Tank Museum 2023
DonCoombez: Ww1 2023
DonCoombez: Pick your moment
DonCoombez: A riveting shot
DonCoombez: Yummy dirt