George Kurzik: Easter Cloudy
Will E Clickit - no emojis/graphics in comments: Macro Mondays 20240415 016-HDR
neurosheep: ... yellow crowned night heron ...
Christopher Lovegrove: MM Cadbury Mini Egg
Dolores.G: 20240415 Egg in a Hippopotamus
Dionepsoc: Eggspression
- jerri -: World in an EGG shell
shawn~white: Story Snowdrop
shawn~white: Hazel Catkins
shawn~white: Happy Saint David's Day
shawn~white: Ate Cakes Thiebaud Style
shawn~white: Circular Rhythms
shawn~white: Forest Meditation
felipe bosolito: B4010091
Cat Man!: A Moment in Time
George Kurzik: Red Barn
roelivtil: Weerspiegeling / Refelction
Kitty Kono: Splender in the Grass
richarddonham: Relict of lives gone by.
neurosheep: ... groene kolibrie (blenchi) ...
neurosheep: ... Wara Wara ...
De Rode Olifant: Entrance
Tippetue: Dancing cacti
lindashorey: Reclaimed and Repurposed
maureen.elliott: Wake Up Call
Kennebunker: Old & New Diner
sniggie: Total solar eclipse flare on my lens
blueachilles: Cotswold life