photofitzp: Venice Sunrise
photofitzp: Misty Morning
photofitzp: Drummond T9 at Quorn and Woodhouse station.
photofitzp: The Greyhound at Rabbit Bridge
photofitzp: T9 on the Vans
photofitzp: The GCR Drain Cock Display Team
photofitzp: Motion
photofitzp: Victorian Masterpiece - Number 2
photofitzp: Drummond T9 at Speed
photofitzp: What a performer !!
photofitzp: Victorian Masterpiece
photofitzp: Southern Comfort
photofitzp: Deep in Thought
photofitzp: Making an Entrance
photofitzp: Foggy Venice
photofitzp: How many people does it take to get this thing moving?
photofitzp: Spamcan Elegance
photofitzp: Witches' Brew (Double, Double etc)
photofitzp: The Attraction of Steam
photofitzp: Amongst Giants - The Wider Picture
photofitzp: It's all over now
photofitzp: Down at the Shed
photofitzp: Victorian Brickwork Perfection - Colour Version
photofitzp: Victorian Brickwork Perfection
photofitzp: Mount Selfridge
photofitzp: Looking for Inspiration
photofitzp: Palma Cathedral
photofitzp: Thornton Reservoir
photofitzp: Elasticated Canada Geese
photofitzp: New arrival from Bressingham