photofitzp: Barrow Hill 3.4.2009 - Reprocessed
photofitzp: Untitled
photofitzp: Transition
photofitzp: Double Vision
photofitzp: Final Preparations
photofitzp: In a state of shock
photofitzp: Cromwell in charge of the mail train.
photofitzp: The Sundial
photofitzp: Down at the shed
photofitzp: Can't go without the brew.
photofitzp: Deep Purple
photofitzp: Where did I put that screwdriver ??
photofitzp: Early morning storm
photofitzp: Stillness
photofitzp: Morning Has Broken
photofitzp: Will the views for this image be added to total views tonight ?? Doubtful
photofitzp: Deep in Thought - (B/W Version)
photofitzp: Deep in Thought
photofitzp: Radiance
photofitzp: Recreating the past.
photofitzp: Bright and Cheerful
photofitzp: Untitled
photofitzp: Simmering
photofitzp: Dotty
photofitzp: Glowing
photofitzp: Sunrise
photofitzp: Sadness
photofitzp: Hi Key Sunflower
photofitzp: Raising a glass to last nights glorious sunset.
photofitzp: Down Time