Michael1624: White Picket Fence
Michael1624: Topless
Michael1624: To Touch The Sky
Michael1624: Tight Turn
Michael1624: Tempting
Michael1624: Sidewalk Parted
Michael1624: Shadowed Brick
Michael1624: Open For Business
Michael1624: On The Rocks
Michael1624: Living In A Hot House
Michael1624: Imagine The Work
Michael1624: Garden
Michael1624: Exoskeleton
Michael1624: Etched
Michael1624: DSC_4526
Michael1624: DSC_4523
Michael1624: Down The Road
Michael1624: Disected By Light
Michael1624: Curved
Michael1624: Country Doorstop
Michael1624: Big Gulp
Michael1624: Asphalt Soda
Michael1624: A Wall
Michael1624: A Good Day
Michael1624: Under The Wire