Michael1624: Window Up Close
Michael1624: Weights In A Window
Michael1624: Wall With Protrusion
Michael1624: Under Construction
Michael1624: Trees and Building
Michael1624: Tree Water Brick
Michael1624: The Last Rung
Michael1624: The Back Door
Michael1624: Tanning Store Block 1
Michael1624: Symbolic
Michael1624: Sunlit Ramp
Michael1624: Sound Dampening
Michael1624: Small Touches
Michael1624: Shortcut
Michael1624: Sets The Sun
Michael1624: Rusty Window
Michael1624: Relected Light
Michael1624: Recycling
Michael1624: Puddle Lights
Michael1624: Old Trash Bin
Michael1624: Old Break
Michael1624: No Smoking
Michael1624: No One's Listening
Michael1624: Moon Rise
Michael1624: Makeshift Fence
Michael1624: In The Window