Michael1624: Two-Tone Tree
Michael1624: Tri-Color
Michael1624: Little Green Leaves
Michael1624: Four Of A Kind
Michael1624: Fence Growth
Michael1624: Around The Bend
Michael1624: Wet Leaf
Michael1624: Two Windows And A Splotch
Michael1624: Two Red Fire Plugs
Michael1624: Table In The Rain
Michael1624: Rain Catcher
Michael1624: Purple And Yellow
Michael1624: Potential
Michael1624: Partial Leaf
Michael1624: Living By the Stream
Michael1624: Landing
Michael1624: In The Center Ring, For Your E...ntertainment Pleasure
Michael1624: In Profile
Michael1624: Hello, Lovely!
Michael1624: Dropped In
Michael1624: Car Shaker
Michael1624: Busy Place In The Rain
Michael1624: Block Wall
Michael1624: A Leaf Among Others
Michael1624: A Colorful Corner of Earth