Michael1624: Un-Blooming
Michael1624: Wet Napkin In A Parking Lot
Michael1624: Union Express
Michael1624: Rusted Prep Table
Michael1624: Red Stemless Leaf
Michael1624: Railing On A Wall
Michael1624: Radiating Light
Michael1624: Painted Asphalt
Michael1624: Loading Dock
Michael1624: In The Corner
Michael1624: Garden Spy
Michael1624: Foliage
Michael1624: Finding Direction
Michael1624: Entwined
Michael1624: Clouded Sun
Michael1624: Barber's Pole
Michael1624: Three Sisters
Michael1624: Tare Weight
Michael1624: Secured
Michael1624: Scratched Plastic, Slightly Backlit
Michael1624: Instructive
Michael1624: Going To Pieces
Michael1624: Branching Out
Michael1624: According To A Recent Pole
Michael1624: A Couple Of Trees
Michael1624: A Passing Leaf
Michael1624: The Catch
Michael1624: Posted
Michael1624: Point Of Contact