Michael1624: Blue And Yellow
Michael1624: Right Angles Of Light
Michael1624: Push To Open
Michael1624: Opposing Points Of View
Michael1624: Not In Service
Michael1624: Low Exit
Michael1624: Hipster Chair With Wall
Michael1624: Furniture
Michael1624: Dust Collector
Michael1624: Dining Hall Trash Can
Michael1624: Control Central
Michael1624: Blue And White
Michael1624: At The Precipice
Michael1624: A Downward Path
Michael1624: Angulated
Michael1624: Light Dance
Michael1624: In Concert
Michael1624: Elevation
Michael1624: A Poor Dam
Michael1624: Why so blue, Albert?
Michael1624: In The Thick Of It
Michael1624: Flat Top Rock
Michael1624: Strapped
Michael1624: Patio Table Wet
Michael1624: Loading Dock Comfort
Michael1624: Lit Boxes
Michael1624: Bricks And Bench
Michael1624: Sleep Patterns
Michael1624: Shadow Boxing