bps6162: a pair of plush poodles posing for a portrait
bps6162: A trio of Candian geese
bps6162: And we have lift off...
bps6162: Early morning on the Des Moines River
bps6162: Dam'd beaver
bps6162: As American as apple Pi (in Explore)
bps6162: A spectator at the Des Moines Turkey Trot
bps6162: Euonymus alatus
bps6162: winter crane fly
bps6162: together until the end
bps6162: After the first snow
bps6162: That's whats on the bag
bps6162: little yellow chair
bps6162: reflection in a knife blade
bps6162: isn't she lovely ?
bps6162: pattern tracer
bps6162: mini tubing cutter
bps6162: Remember these? (in Explore)
bps6162: I was looking for something yellow...
bps6162: little rubber ducky in a sea of yellow
bps6162: live in peace
bps6162: obsolete technolgy
bps6162: obsolete technology
bps6162: The Spyder spider - a spooky logo
bps6162: Three iPods ≠ one tripod
bps6162: spooky clown
bps6162: Are they chocolate?
bps6162: a dodecahedral die (in Explore)
bps6162: last cosmos of the season
bps6162: heart shaped dresser box