Stefan Reichert: Abstract Architectural Photography 101
Benpassionefoto: La Scala
*Darlene*: My time with you was well spent, and it was difficult to leave you standing there unescorted, so I couldn't turn my head to look back as I left because I knew then I'd have come back.
Horst.Fischer: Robin [ Rotkehlchen ]
Lara.C.: Down, Down, Down I Go
HWHawerkamp: Carib Facades
Norbert Wegner: here comes the sun . . .
HWHawerkamp: Golden Steps
Cornelis -traveller: Piazza di Santa Croce
Karsten Gieselmann: Into the GREEN
NORDIC Lightbeams: Faroe Panorama
Norbert Wegner: inclining architecture
Eggii: ...
plmate: Shadows, lights and parallelism
*Darlene*: Many have come and gone, but never knowing that they would be her last family, they have become her most precious and her most longed for.
Arx Zyanos: true colors (volume 2)
Norbert Wegner: city lights
HWHawerkamp: Triangles
Tee H Tan: Dumping place
*Darlene*: I may have been left with a few more disjointed pieces than I used to have, but I'm 're-tired,' and it's all good by me.
*Darlene*: Even now, you could feel the love that built her, the love that filled her walls, and the sadness in the hearts of those that had to leave her, but she still smiles because her barn stayed.
*Darlene*: She was the prettiest girl on the block when she was younger, and her dark eyes still reveal her faded beauty.
Lara.C.: Let’s Take a Closer Look
*Darlene*: Even when the frosty winter winds seep through my battered walls, the perpetual evening sunsets behind me will once again warm me through before nightfall.
Renee's Moment: Fjadrargljufur Canyon (EXPLORED)
Yannis Tz: DSCF1490
ujkraus29: Wendeltreppe Kunstpalast Düsseldorf II