Cornelis -traveller: at the corner
Cornelis -traveller: Che will never die
Cornelis -traveller: at the fish market |5
Cornelis -traveller: jamais plus...
Cornelis -traveller: 2 smiles on the square
Cornelis -traveller: and the king salutes
Cornelis -traveller: harvest is yet to come
Cornelis -traveller: ⭐ repeating
Cornelis -traveller: surrounded by water(y)colours
Cornelis -traveller: Black Panther |4
Cornelis -traveller: hanging around
Cornelis -traveller: light lines
Cornelis -traveller: in a backstreet of the Jewish Quarter
Cornelis -traveller: endless juice
Cornelis -traveller: music on top
Cornelis -traveller: ⭐ she, heading for sunset
Cornelis -traveller: Bahia Palace. a selfie.
Cornelis -traveller: 2 customers
Cornelis -traveller: a cat and a helmet
Cornelis -traveller: a ghost at the barber's...
Cornelis -traveller: at the fish market |4
Cornelis -traveller: a b&w photo of b&w photos
Cornelis -traveller: Hassan II mosque
Cornelis -traveller: Jemaa el-Fnaa square
Cornelis -traveller: she, admiring mausoleum Mohammed V
Cornelis -traveller: not sitting in the shadow of that palm