FrankfromCologne: Mirror mirror in the lake, tell me...
FrankfromCologne: The sun, the star
FrankfromCologne: Herbst am See am Haus am See
FrankfromCologne: Shine on through to the other side. (The doors)
FrankfromCologne: Autumn walk
FrankfromCologne: Tunnel of darkness
FrankfromCologne: Das Haus am See
FrankfromCologne: Flying Kugel, please tell me what the future will be.
FrankfromCologne: Between the trees.
FrankfromCologne: Sitting there
FrankfromCologne: Zwei Spitzen
FrankfromCologne: Mighty moutains
FrankfromCologne: Über dem Rhein in Köln
FrankfromCologne: The Wein way (Weinstrasse)
FrankfromCologne: Above the clouds
FrankfromCologne: Verona Italy
FrankfromCologne: Step by step
FrankfromCologne: Cologne lights. Kölner Lichter
FrankfromCologne: Cologne Rheinau Hafen. KRANHAUS
FrankfromCologne: Ahrntal Südtirol
FrankfromCologne: Wide land
FrankfromCologne: Wolken wandern
FrankfromCologne: Vor den drei Zinnen.
FrankfromCologne: Die drei Zinnen
FrankfromCologne: Breaking news. The Flickr ghost is alive. Real footage
FrankfromCologne: Sun Star at the three Towers of the dolomits
FrankfromCologne: Small people in a big House, ähm Church. Low key.
FrankfromCologne: Small people in a big House, ähm Church. High key
FrankfromCologne: Burg vor Berg (Sand in Taufers, Südtirol)
FrankfromCologne: Slow down, take a seat.