FrankfromCologne: Together on their way.
FrankfromCologne: All the peaks. Austria view from the Tuxer glacier.
FrankfromCologne: Tuxertal deep view
FrankfromCologne: D-Dorf cloud view
FrankfromCologne: Up side down shadows
FrankfromCologne: Light up the steps
FrankfromCologne: Matt at the evening
FrankfromCologne: Stadt der Türme
FrankfromCologne: Lazy aftenoon
FrankfromCologne: Shiny downer
FrankfromCologne: Dont be a frog, but you too.
FrankfromCologne: This is the end, beautyful friend...
FrankfromCologne: Swirly blossoms
FrankfromCologne: Surrealistic painting Bokeh
FrankfromCologne: Cologne down the station Heumarkt
FrankfromCologne: At the station
FrankfromCologne: Bahn downer at the Bahnsteig
FrankfromCologne: KingKongs cage Kingscross
FrankfromCologne: Flower Flowers
FrankfromCologne: Upside down, looks different.
FrankfromCologne: Nikon 18-55 on fullframe, not bad.
FrankfromCologne: Curvy evening in London
FrankfromCologne: Inside the curve
FrankfromCologne: An other Ei of London (Two Eggs)
FrankfromCologne: Bladerunner at the station. London tube.
FrankfromCologne: Kingscross
FrankfromCologne: Should we stay or should we go now...