Gilles Poyet photographies: LA BELLE NATURE POUR QUI LA VOIT...
rui alexandre mendes: corner house
sylviafurrer: Portait...
sylviafurrer: Lai da Palpuogna
sylviafurrer: Aletsch Glacier in Winter
Don's PhotoStream: Photographs and Memories
philipduke941: Mr Mandarin out for a stroll - tap to view
pakart62: Two years ago, GHO nestlings at 4 weeks
Chrissie2003: Gerbera
Christie : Colour & Light Collection: FISHERMAN'S LULLABY ** STEVESTON HARBOUR, BC
Rolando CRINITI: Frosone _004
karlheinz klingbeil: Gotthard-Pass / Schweiz 2018 - New Edits
karlheinz klingbeil: Lago Maggiore 2018 - New Edits
karlheinz klingbeil: Luzern/Schweiz 21.3.2019 - New Edits
LLD photographie: après l'averse (archive)
Mike_FL: Great Egret Displaying In Breeding Plumage
riebandtklaus: 117/20Rotkehlchen European Robin Erithacus rubella
Sandcastles& Sunshine: Sun on the horizon
Sandcastles& Sunshine: Florida birding
michèledaoust: Petite Nyctale _ Northern Saw-whet Owl
LEDstorms: Bald Eagle
4gyp: Siskin.... Grote bonte specht vrouwtje, female Great Spotted Woodpecker, Dendrocopus major
clement148: Black capped chickadee
BingleymanPhotos: Another Scottish river
Chrissie2003: Paper Daisy
miro_mtl: Dark-eyed Junco (Junco ardoisé)
miro_mtl: Eastern Kingbirds feeding (Tyrans tritri)
miro_mtl: Boreal Owl (Nyctale de Tengmalm)