Mike_FL: Singing Red-winged blackbird (male)
Mike_FL: Sweet yawn,white ibis
Mike_FL: Roseate spoonbills
Mike_FL: Great Blue Heron
Mike_FL: Green-winged Teal,female,reflection,lifer
Mike_FL: Ruby-throated Hummingbird,female,lifer[Explore 10/19/21]
Mike_FL: Little blue heron(portrait)
Mike_FL: Brown Thrasher
Mike_FL: Blue-winged Teal,female
Mike_FL: Black-and-white warbler,(Mniotilta varia)
Mike_FL: Palm warbler,(Setophaga palmarum)
Mike_FL: Hello dear
Mike_FL: Emerald eye-cormorant(portait)
Mike_FL: Red-winged blackbird,female
Mike_FL: Tricolored heron
Mike_FL: Grey-headed swamphen
Mike_FL: Little Blue Heron,juvenile,portrait
Mike_FL: Great egret ,flight
Mike_FL: White ibis ,portrait
Mike_FL: Woodstork ready to take-off
Mike_FL: Florida Softshell turtle,Apalone ferox
Mike_FL: White ibis,flight
Mike_FL: Snowy egret,sunset light on the lake
Mike_FL: White ibis
Mike_FL: Someone talked about my neck ?
Mike_FL: Leaf for lunch
Mike_FL: Northern cardinal,male-dinner time
Mike_FL: Great egret,flight
Mike_FL: Rooster,portrait
Mike_FL: They like sweet potato ?