pakart62: Carolina calling🎶
pakart62: First winter for young Cooper’s hawk
pakart62: Snow geese rising as the sun was setting
pakart62: Watching the sunset
pakart62: Long tailed duck, hen
pakart62: Long-tailed duck, drake
pakart62: Awwww❤️
pakart62: Red-breasted nuthatch ready for liftoff (re-run from 2020)
pakart62: Come any closer and you’ll regret it!
pakart62: Hey there, good lookin’!
pakart62: Caught in the act
pakart62: You think I’M to blame?
pakart62: Hooded merganser hen, perfected coiffed
pakart62: Looking more punk than hooded
pakart62: Hot chocolate time
pakart62: Here come the boys
pakart62: the way to take insults…
pakart62: Coming though…
pakart62: Trumpeter swan
pakart62: Face shot
pakart62: Northern Blue Jay
pakart62: Winter snack
pakart62: Up and away
pakart62: I was certain I saw a vole here somewhere!!
pakart62: Tufted titmouse striking a pose
pakart62: Tight flight - Snow geese
pakart62: Cutie pie
pakart62: Triple of Tundra swans
pakart62: Triple of Tundra swans
pakart62: The fish are for me, not thee!