kennethcanada1: Valentines Red, Have A Safe And Happy Day.
kennethcanada1: Oaxaca City.
kennethcanada1: In Photography There Is A Reality So Subtle That It Becomes More Real Than Reality.
kennethcanada1: Image 2020-02-09 at 2.53 PM
kennethcanada1: Thank You.
kennethcanada1: Dinner Plate Island School.
kennethcanada1: Cuba Is Safe, It Is A Photographic Paradise.
kennethcanada1: I Had The Pleasure, Of Spending Time With The Real Mama Coco. Oaxaca
kennethcanada1: Pubic Fish Sales.
kennethcanada1: Ice Carvings At Lake Louise. Canada
kennethcanada1: Lake Louise. Canada
kennethcanada1: Commercial Dr. Vancouver
kennethcanada1: Havana Streets.
kennethcanada1: What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstong
kennethcanada1: Paradise.
kennethcanada1: A beautiful day for Canadian lake hockey.
kennethcanada1: Vancouver.
kennethcanada1: Palm Trees In Vancouver.
kennethcanada1: Snowy Day In Vancouver.
kennethcanada1: Winter sunrise.
kennethcanada1: MainStreet cruiser.
kennethcanada1: Guinness Dublin.
kennethcanada1: A Van Gogh Afternoon, Squamish BC.
kennethcanada1: We Are Only A Reflection In Time.
kennethcanada1: Believe In Yourself, And Photographic Dreams Will Come True.
kennethcanada1: Peace On Earth, And Goodwill To All.
kennethcanada1: May The Holiday Season Bring Only Happiness And Joy To You And Your Loved Ones.
kennethcanada1: Cold Day At Fisherman's Wharf. To all my Flickr friends I deeply appreciate the kindness you have shown me this year and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year,