kennethcanada1: Good Morning Sunrise, Lake Louise Canada.
kennethcanada1: Beautiful Lake Louise.
kennethcanada1: Lake Louise, Is A Rare Place That Must Be Experienced To Be Believed.
kennethcanada1: I turn 75 February 28, At The Age Of 12, I Was Already In The Newspaper Business, Delivering 70 Newspapers A Day With My Little Red Wagon, At The Age Of 20 I Was In Vietnam As A Freelance Photographer.
kennethcanada1: Made it to 75, I'm 12 Years Old When My Father Took This Image With My Brownie Kodak Camera.
kennethcanada1: Logging On The Fraser River.
kennethcanada1: Oaxaca City, Templo De Santo Domingo Church.
kennethcanada1: Steveston B.C
kennethcanada1: The Squamish Chief, B.C
kennethcanada1: Pandemic Break Out,
kennethcanada1: The Kitchen Built The Ice Castle Every year, ( I Help Build 3 Ice Casties )
kennethcanada1: # 97. Boathouse Lake Louise,
kennethcanada1: # 96. You Were Driving, The Getaway Car.
kennethcanada1: # 95. Rocky Mountain Home, Emerald Lake B.C. One Of My Great Escapes
kennethcanada1: # 94. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, ( Shot From My Kitchen )
kennethcanada1: # 93. Me And The Team, In The Galley, On The Rocky Mountaineer, ( Oct, 5th 2011 At 8=01 AM. )
kennethcanada1: # 92. Thank God, For Cameras. ( And The Art Of Photography )
kennethcanada1: # 91. Reflecting Back, ( On February 28th, I Will Turn 75. )
kennethcanada1: # 90. Vancouver's Fisherman's Wharf.
kennethcanada1: # 89. Vancouver Bus Stop.
kennethcanada1: # 88. Pacific Ocean. Vancouver
kennethcanada1: # 87. Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver.
kennethcanada1: # 85. Beautiful B.C
kennethcanada1: # 84. Finn Slough, B.C
kennethcanada1: # 83. Empty.
kennethcanada1: # 82. Remembering.
kennethcanada1: # 81. Vancouver Street Art.
kennethcanada1: # 80. Rocky Mountain Home. Emerald Lake.
kennethcanada1: # 79. Rocky Mountaineer, Going Under Avalanche Sheds.