ab.130722jvkz: Snowfall
ab.130722jvkz: Brescia and Garda Preallps and Adamello Presanella Alps
eerokiuru: Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
westmin87: Sunburst!
chappietam: Bee and flower!
Pejasar: Dripping red rose of Autumn
westmin87: Taking Center Stage
chappietam: Common Wasp
westmin87: Fall Reflections at Camp
westmin87: Mom's Hydrangia
westmin87: Nature's Jewel-Tones
chappietam: Grumpy!
chappietam: Swift Spider
westmin87: The Sun Goes Down on Me
westmin87: Mum Spinner
westmin87: The Lady of Shalott
chappietam: Garden looper
chappietam: Weevil face!
Helen:: Hydrangea Skeleton
slava eremin: 29 oct 2019 - photo a day
maríaelenalópez: Iceberg rose
Christophe26130: Milford Sound
chappietam: The Pugilist!
westmin87: Fall in New England
westmin87: To Grandmother's House We Go
westmin87: Over the River and Through the Woods
Helen:: Petal Abstract