jangurney: DSC06567
jangurney: DSC06642
jangurney: DSC06625
jangurney: P9090300
jangurney: DSC08552 - Lily
jangurney: DSC08490 - Parua Bay, Whangarei Heads, NZ
jangurney: DSC08487 - Parua Bay, Whangarei Heads, Nthld NZ
jangurney: DSC08477 - Hold on to your feathers that wind's getting up.
jangurney: DSCN4479 - Someones got their grumpy face on.
jangurney: P9090242
jangurney: P9090237
jangurney: P9090234
jangurney: P9090105
jangurney: P9080082 - Spring blossoms
jangurney: DSCN4354 - "Take time to stop and smell the flowers"
jangurney: P9060033 - a bath anyone
jangurney: P9060003
jangurney: DSC08219 common pigeon
jangurney: DSC08383
jangurney: Early rose
jangurney: P1380260 - Often called 'St John's Wort'
jangurney: P1380634 - A daffodil for the first day of spring.
jangurney: DSCN4055 - Yellowhammer
jangurney: DSCN4061 - Fantail chasing bugs - ENLARGE TO SEE BUGS
jangurney: DSC08077 - Piwakawaka/Fantail in the early morning sunlight.
jangurney: DSCN3199 Pussy Wilow flowers
jangurney: DSCN3732 - First time seeing a swan on the lake
jangurney: DSCN3587 - Yellowhammer
jangurney: DSC07799 - Magnolia
jangurney: DSC07821 - Magnolia