jangurney: DSC03339 - Sparrow enjoying the grass seed heads.
jangurney: DSC02584 - White faced herons, Coromandel, NZ
jangurney: DSC02516 - White fronted tern, Coromandel, NZ
jangurney: DSCN1553 - An emu I saw today living free on a farm at Tauranga Bay, Nthld, NZ
jangurney: DSC00723 - sunset at Tauranga Bay, Northland, NZ
jangurney: DSC07550 - Unusual rose, Palmerston North Rose Garden
jangurney: DSC07711 - Bleeding heart pigeon
jangurney: DSC07452 - Beautiful purple rose at Palmerston North Rose Garden
jangurney: DSC09137 - African Wild dog at Hamilton Zoo
jangurney: DSC09091 - Agouti at Hamilton Zoo, NZ
jangurney: DSC06071 - Coot and her 'beautiful' chick.
jangurney: DSC00434 - Must be bath day!
jangurney: DSC00281 - Shining cuckoo
jangurney: Can anyone identify this bird. I've never seen one before. He crashed into our window and was a bit stunned for a while but he flew off after a rest. NZ bird.
jangurney: DSC00149 - The pesky white butterfly
jangurney: DSC02310 - A young white fronted tern
jangurney: DSC01761 - They were a long way off, don't know if it's a bird fight or 2 juveniles playing.
jangurney: DSC03827 - Beauty....
jangurney: DSC04019 - Self introduced to NZ from Australia. Grey Teal.
jangurney: DSC04223 - What a life...eat, sleep repeat. Kune Kune pig.
jangurney: DSC03981 - NZ scaup aka black teal aka papango is endemic to NZ. Rotorua's Paradise Springs Park
jangurney: DSC04118 - Two beautiful girls. Paradise Springs Park, Rotorua, NZ
jangurney: DSCN1190 - Coots in Lake Taupo.
jangurney: DSCN1247 - Swans in Lake Taupo
jangurney: DSC08513 - Move over, move over and make room for us. Typical NZ back road country scene. Forgotten Highway.
jangurney: DSC08697 - Lily
jangurney: DSC09458 - Cotton top tamarin
jangurney: DSC04161 - Just a hint of a sheepish grin!
jangurney: P1400864 - Whakatane, NZ
jangurney: DSC01789 - First time I've seen big flocks of birds like this. Miranda Shorebird Sanctuary, NZ