jangurney: DSC08485
jangurney: DSC08519 Is that a panda smile?
jangurney: DSC08268 Red Panda, Hamilton Zoo, NZ
jangurney: DSC04835 - Otters
jangurney: DSC03599 - Water Dragon
jangurney: P2050919
jangurney: DSCN5780 Visitor at the bottom of the garden
jangurney: DSCN5581 Beautiful misty morning but another stinking hot day. No rain for weeks now and high temperatures, the grass and plants are dying and water is in short supply. Never thought I would be looking forward to winter.
jangurney: DSC03472 (2)
jangurney: DSC03431 - Straw flower
jangurney: DSC03718 Frangipani
jangurney: DSCN5498 - Peacock feather I found on my walk last night
jangurney: DSCN5566
jangurney: DSC03443
jangurney: DSC03912 - NZ Pipit
jangurney: DSC03642
jangurney: DSC03648 (2)
jangurney: DSC03843
jangurney: DSC03593
jangurney: DSC03590 - European Wool carder have been in NZ since 2006 . Don't see them very often. They are from the same family as the mason bee.
jangurney: DSCN5628 - Waro Lake, Hikurangi
jangurney: DSCN5664
jangurney: DSCN5645 - Waro Lake, Hikurangi
jangurney: DSC04209
jangurney: DSC04198
jangurney: DSC04147 - Beautiful morning
jangurney: DSCN5662 - My misty morning walk
jangurney: P1350616 Straw flower
jangurney: P1350612
jangurney: DSC03388 - Illustration mode on Sony RX10M4