jangurney: P1350268
jangurney: P1350168 - After the thunderstorm everything was soaked.
jangurney: P1350238 - After the thunder storm.
jangurney: P1350150
jangurney: P1350148
jangurney: PC061364
jangurney: PC061355
jangurney: DSC00035 Gerbera
jangurney: On my walk around the lake
jangurney: Life is proving hard and difficult at present so in the evenings when all is quite I sit here and refuel for the energy to get me through tomorrow.
jangurney: DSC06439 - Cooling off on a hot summers day.
jangurney: PC010954 - Alstroemeria
jangurney: Different hydrangeas in my daughters garden
jangurney: PC011066 Three in a row.
jangurney: PC010971 - Hypericum calycinum (Rose of Sharon)
jangurney: PC010938
jangurney: PC010908 Green bud
jangurney: PC011040 Hydrangea
jangurney: PC011038 Close up of Hydrangea
jangurney: PC010902 - Don't know it's name but it starts off as green and turns cream and finishes up white.
jangurney: P5090252 Rose bud
jangurney: P5090227 Mauve rose
jangurney: DSC09741 White iris
jangurney: PA270486 White rose
jangurney: DSCN1698
jangurney: Everyone had their mouths open today. (blackbacked gull, cormorant, kingfisher, caspian tern)
jangurney: PB280867 The very tiny lobelia flower
jangurney: DSCN1791
jangurney: PB280850 - Compassion - climber with beautiful perfume
jangurney: PB270778 Love-in-the-mist