donovan_terry: Sticky situation
donovan_terry: Hail, hail Queen Rip
donovan_terry: "Hello there, Mr. Terry"
donovan_terry: Queen Rip, upon her throne
donovan_terry: Giant bee on butterfly weed
donovan_terry: Big Rose of Sharon blossoms
donovan_terry: Pollinator party on bull thistle
donovan_terry: Fence offers perch for dragonfly
donovan_terry: Blue dasher rests nearby
donovan_terry: Blue dasher perches on salvia
donovan_terry: Bees visit cosmos
donovan_terry: Bee photobomb
donovan_terry: Bee enjoys pincushion
donovan_terry: Swallowtail up close
donovan_terry: Swallowtail tends to lantana
donovan_terry: Swallowtail enjoys new garden
donovan_terry: First butterfly at new garden
donovan_terry: Young zinnia
donovan_terry: Pincushions abound
donovan_terry: Candycane zinnia
donovan_terry: Dianthus at farm
donovan_terry: "I was trying to eat"
donovan_terry: Abbie kicks back after snack
donovan_terry: "Luna trying to graze"
donovan_terry: Hildegard hopes for rain
donovan_terry: Bambi smiles for Flickr
donovan_terry: Dragonfly pauses on salvia
donovan_terry: Blue dasher perches on old bud
donovan_terry: Female blue dasher
donovan_terry: "It's Buddy time now"