writing - invisible at times: silent winter conversations with a church
Black and White Fine Art: Fotografía Estenopeica (Pinhole Photography)
PNWIslandguy: Virmillion Cliffs, Arizona / Keeping Your Eyes On The Road Gets Difficult March 2005dio
neurodoc2010: belonging...
jackalope22: Quiet Interlude! _________________HSS!
Sonja Parfitt: red tulip
Repp1: Eye of the Tornado
berber hoving: foggy sunday
artyfishal44: winter's daY
abstractartangel77: Towards the Sun
A. Walden: Snow Moon
buffdawgus: Rocky Mountain High
eda86: Sunny Winter day 2
kfocean01: Bright Like the Sun
~ paddypix ~: The Oughtershaw Road
~ paddypix ~: ' Magenta Road '
jackalope22: Up and Downy!! ...HSoS
jackalope22: Wrought Iron ....HFF!
mauribrego: and you will know of your love
felixubeda60.fud: Sicilia - A corner to paint.
VZhelikhovskiy: "Secludeds"...
Josef...: cliché
Michele Grazia: When the colors are already those of Autumn II