Black and White Fine Art: Casa de Pájaros (Birds House)
mj_ac: Moinho de Corroios
ansgar11: Life in yellow & blue
Christian Hermann Fotografie: tree in winter, Switzerland
Alice 2019: We are at Niu Naihai lake (4,500 meters above sea level, 牛奶海)
Fabien TECHER: Le petit Pont Du Maïdo (On Explore)
Jhaví: Nomad
Ricardo Pallejá: Light painting tractor.
roba66 - on but slow: Italien, Italy, Malcesine(TN) am Gardasee - Auf dem Monte Baldo (1760m) , 79220/20048
` Toshio ': Leopard in the Tree in South Africa
Wes Iversen: Front Loaded
cattan2011: It’s snowing
StarlightHope: Now in November nearer comes the sun down the abandoned heaven.
judy dean: Tree reflections
Karen McQuilkin: Hikers Butterfly Rock
A. Walden: Mid-Season
SueZinVT: November Glow
desde mi corazón: otoño tormentoso
desde mi corazón: tres aceitunas al atardecer
buffdawgus: Thanksgiving Out West
isteeves: Two Dancers by Degas
cattan2011: Old Town, Edinburgh
Wes Iversen: Hey, Don't Look At Me...
Repp1: You Oughta Be In Pictures
StarlightHope: ... and all the playing's stopped in the playground now.