.KiLTЯo.: Crystal silence
.KiLTЯo.: Kicking up mischief and feeding the fire
.KiLTЯo.: I stretched out my arms and my feet left the floor
Patrice Dardoize: Isère river by sunset (French Alps)
Patrice Dardoize: Moonlit tree
Hasse.65: The bathhouse!
SergeCouture: Matinée glaciale
garnet :): DSC_9135
musohsoseki: Half-frozen swamp
zimmek42: Just around the bend
strongestlight: deep in the woods
s2bw: Lines and Reflection
mkk707: Wiesbaden Casino
Umnak: Embraced
Magoo Photos: Goldenrod seed
Magoo Photos: Waiting for Spring
NVEM: sail away
mohnblume2013: Winter und Sonne...manchmal ein tolles Team!
Liamfm .: Full Moon today at sunset !
Liamfm .: sunset beyond the rocks
E.K.111: Sunrise, Grand Canyon
digitalCG: Deadwood
marcomes: Bolsena
f stop 2,8: DJI_0255w f
bernt.dahlgren: P1006311B
Buddy Patrick: Blessed Is the Creator (Wiliyan-ngurru National Park, North West Queensland)