ragger65: Gum Tree near Cooks Beach
ragger65: View from Mount Wellington
ragger65: Gum Trees and Organ Pipes
ragger65: Myrtle Gully Track
ragger65: Not Here! The White North Has Thy Bones
ragger65: 300 Metres Down
ragger65: View from Shimoakaiwa-yama
ragger65: Branches, Leaves and the Sea
ragger65: Early Autumn Leaves
ragger65: Early Autumn Leaves and a View
ragger65: Nenana Autumn Scenery
ragger65: Savage River, Denali NP
ragger65: Denali from a Distance
ragger65: Pond on the Permafrost
ragger65: Small Cascade of the Kotoni-Hassamu River
ragger65: Cairns and a Waterfall
ragger65: Long Shadows
ragger65: Autumn Reflections in the Chena River
ragger65: Chena River, Fairbanks
ragger65: Heiwa-no-Taki (Minor Cascade)
ragger65: Little Flowers and Leaves
ragger65: Heiwa-no-Taki
ragger65: Wildflowers in the Forest
ragger65: Karwendel Morning Scenery
ragger65: Karwendel Panorama
ragger65: Laliderer Walls in Backlight
ragger65: Laliderer Walls and Falkenhütte
ragger65: Ödkarspitzen (Karwendel mountains)
ragger65: Teine-yama under a Blue Sky
ragger65: Teine-yama in Backlight