Nuno Xavier Moreira: Coruja-das-torres, Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
JM@MC: The only way is up...
*BegoñaCL: bicicletas para el verano (bikes for the summer)
*BegoñaCL: a new day begins
*BegoñaCL: skinny
*BegoñaCL: amazona (dedic. to Mariola A.)
*BegoñaCL: online
*BegoñaCL: she is still here, never left
Pablo Colodion: _IMG4345c
Pablo Colodion: _IMG43361-2
JM@MC: Color escape...
JM@MC: Colors of night...
JM@MC: Resistance...
shin ikegami: 2018/9/1 - 12/15 photo by shin ikegami. - SONY ILCE‑7M2 / 七工匠 7artisans 50mm f1.1
Andy J Newman: Porthcawl Angling scene
chuscordeiro: Casi las 8 y cuarto
magda indigo: VIEUX ROSE… Lisianthus
N.the.Kudzu: Bart and Friend
"Chiño": Parque eólico Zahara BN
N.the.Kudzu: Robin taking time out to smell the flowers
Boris Thaser: Rabat, Morocco. 2018.
peruchojr: Islas Cíes-_DSC0858
Nuno Xavier Moreira: Gineta, Genet (Genetta genetta)
Mari C. Polo Soler: Volar donde el viento nos lleve
JM@MC: Only after dark...
JM@MC: Parallel worlds...
magda indigo: OUT of SOUTH-AFRICA... PROTEA
magda indigo: LAST of the SUMMER LIGHT…