lorecrw: Three ... the perfect number !!
hitohira_: with you
Juan Ig. Llana: berrea en Salburua
Damaz Real Fantasy: Walking in the rain
Angelo Petrozza: well-deserved rest
carlo612001: _I5U2785
Nuno Xavier Moreira: Morcego-de-ferradura-grande, Greater horseshoe bat (Rhinolopus ferrumequinum)
hitohira_: dancing with the shadows
meigazul28: Fervenza do Toxa
Nuno Xavier Moreira: Gineta, Genet (Genetta genetta)
Ene Uriarte: Entre la luz y las sombras
Alejandro Mark II: 2019-10-09_09-54-19
bemberes: blue
Ene Uriarte: Sunlight
Özgür Gürgey: Everything is about music at the Philharmony / do-mi-mi-sol-ti-sol-la
lorecrw: I would like to point out that this image is not created in postproduction. It is simply the result of hand-painted lighting during shooting.
lorecrw: Belly on the ground, like a sniper, but instead of the rifle ... the trust camera!
lorecrw: In silence, towards evening ...
lorecrw: I tried to explain that, mine was not a gun ...
lorecrw: Relax moment...
lorecrw: Gentle sinuosity in the flow of water
lorecrw: start of flowering in hydrangeas
lorecrw: Meeting with a wild rose ...
lorecrw: four pine cones...
lorecrw: Butterfly
lorecrw: Sadness....
lorecrw: When in backlight, the sun's rays transform, as if by magic, the blue into gold and silver.
Alla Sokolova: The spatters