bcud14: 338/365 Looking for inspiration
bcud14: 337/365 The right length for the legs is when the feet are touching the floor
bcud14: 336/365 Never come home empty handed
bcud14: 335/365 Hot lights
bcud14: 334/365 Decisions decisions
bcud14: 333/365 There seem to be no cure for this kind of stupid
bcud14: 332/365 Low light
bcud14: 331/365 Straight flush
bcud14: 330/365 Circling
bcud14: 329/365 Thank you the the light
bcud14: Paris
bcud14: 328/365 Quote of the day
bcud14: Paris
bcud14: 327/365 Flowers
bcud14: 326/365 ... we were so young
bcud14: 325/365 Going for a walk
bcud14: Akasha
bcud14: Akasha
bcud14: 324/365 Shades of blue
bcud14: 323/365 Portrait with light
bcud14: 322/365 ... by night
bcud14: 321/365 The old spoon trick
bcud14: 320/365 Puzzling
bcud14: Angélique
bcud14: 319/365 Step by step
bcud14: 318/365 Wood spirit
bcud14: 317/365 Yellow
bcud14: 316/365 I won't do it again !
bcud14: 315/365 Bring on the dust
bcud14: 314/365 Before I vanish...