bcud14: 244/365 The Boeing flew by him in a straight line
bcud14: 243/365 Stacked
bcud14: Coco
bcud14: 242/365 Tabletop photography
bcud14: Coco
bcud14: Coco
bcud14: 241/365 Shiny things
bcud14: 240/365 Migraine day. And night.
bcud14: Delphine
bcud14: 239/365 The history of conflict
bcud14: 238/365 Following
bcud14: 237/365 Yellow night
bcud14: 236/365 Give (me) your blood
bcud14: 235/365 Albus Ludovicus
bcud14: 234/365 Pick one
bcud14: 233/365 Hubert showing his water-powered mechanical bent-poetry generator
bcud14: 232/365 Looking at you
bcud14: 231/365 So much to listen to
bcud14: 230/365 Scott loved to wait his friends at the end of the tunnel
bcud14: 229/365 Portrait with sun
bcud14: 228/365 Alternate reality 2
bcud14: 227/365 Greenwashing
bcud14: 226/365 Sharing a lunch
bcud14: 225/365 Just nothing
bcud14: 224/365 Making up new steps
bcud14: Delphine
bcud14: 223/365 Alternate reality
bcud14: 222/365 Tea for two-two-two
bcud14: 221/365 Partial eclipse
bcud14: 220/365 Through the glass