bcud14: 188/365 Almost nothing
bcud14: Sandy
bcud14: Vesper Quinn
bcud14: Coco's hands
bcud14: 187/365 Exploring M.S.
bcud14: 186/365 Too tired to finish
bcud14: 185/365 I'm hearing you
bcud14: 184/365 Any question ?
bcud14: 183/365 Remembering
bcud14: 182/365 Not the sharpest pencil in the box
bcud14: 181/365 Blurry world
bcud14: Angélique
bcud14: 180/365 Hou. Lala.
bcud14: Jenny
bcud14: 179/365 Let's get neutral
bcud14: 178/365 Holding on to my hat
bcud14: 177/365 Three clementines
bcud14: 176/365 I need a new hobby.
bcud14: Delphine
bcud14: Coco's hands
bcud14: 175/365 Add flowers to your life
bcud14: Anais Pix
bcud14: 174/365 John had a bad habit of leaving things on the floor wherever he went
bcud14: 173/365 Switching to a better channel
bcud14: SuperCalimistic
bcud14: Angélique
bcud14: 172/365 Almost nothing
bcud14: 171/365 Scary places
bcud14: 170/365 Traditional things to do when visiting Switzerland
bcud14: 169/365 Scott didn't like smokers.