lorecrw: it's up to you, I've discarded this!
lorecrw: dark presences...
lorecrw: life and death, two great truths!
lorecrw: light and twilight..
lorecrw: flowers
lorecrw: natural and artificial mountains
lorecrw: mountain carnation, in her hairy dress
lorecrw: explosion of life, near a stream.
lorecrw: it's relaxing to listen to the sound and watch the clear water coming down from the snowfields. observe the soft colors it captures, from its surroundings, during its flow towards the valley.
lorecrw: on the decline of the evening...
lorecrw: sun flower...
lorecrw: clouds day on altitude..
lorecrw: playing with fast times along the rapids of a small mountain stream
lorecrw: the evening falls on the flock grazing ...
lorecrw: we looked at each other in the fog
lorecrw: a fence of poetic beauty
lorecrw: sheep grazing
lorecrw: orange mountain lily
lorecrw: laburnum bloom
lorecrw: a quiet afternoon in the woods ..
lorecrw: self-portrait from the bridge, in my shadow.
lorecrw: minimal macro exercise
lorecrw: young shoots on the old beech in the garden
lorecrw: wild rose
lorecrw: low tide phase, seen from Mt. St. Michel
lorecrw: return from rescue intervention in the mountains
lorecrw: the late afternoon light illuminates the old cherry tree in the wheat field.
lorecrw: Wild vine shoots at the edge of a field
lorecrw: glimpse of Lucerna
lorecrw: otherwise straight...