rickwil64: Lots Of Deer Trails
rickwil64: Through The Trees
rickwil64: Waiting For New Snow
rickwil64: Climbing Higher
klauslang99: Rural landscape No5
lutzmeyer: Alt Urgell, Catalunya, Spain
pihinpht31: Rusting
Carl took some pictures: Morning at Half Way Farm
rickwil64: Another Lost Farmhome
tjohn611: Barn Lines From A Different Point Of View. Belmont, VT
Sonlight812: An Old Barn
JBDPICS1: Autumn on the farm in Corcoran Minnesota.
MariaOutsider122: Old Springhouse, Farmstead
rickwil64: A Real Two-Fer
Glens Photographs: 2021-11-28_08-44-29
jumpcut6: Gazebo
pihinpht31: Prepared For Winter
Glens Photographs: 2021-11-27_04-51-45
pihinpht31: Field Of Dreams
jumpcut6: Blacksmith Shop
fotofish64: Farm Pump
edk7: Decaying barn with junkyard, Flamborough, Ontario.
Thomas F Lynch: Thanksgiving of yore
Henry Hintermeister: Supper's Ready
markburkhardt: 4020 Deisel
edk7: Escarpment farm, Caledon, Ontario.
Glens Photographs: Farm House
Glens Photographs: 2021-11-30_07-43-33
wdterp: Day's End