rickwil64: Standing Tall
rickwil64: Same Tree-No Smoke
rickwil64: They All Fall Down
rickwil64: Wheat Is Still Green
rickwil64: Looks Worn Out
rickwil64: Looking To The North
rickwil64: Two Chimney's
rickwil64: Another Great Hiking Day
rickwil64: A Few Loose Doors
rickwil64: Where's The Pot Of Gold
rickwil64: Slowly Dying
rickwil64: Green As Far As The Eye Can See
rickwil64: Missing Some Windows
rickwil64: A Place To Rest
rickwil64: Seen Better Days
rickwil64: More Canola And Wheat
rickwil64: Need To Call A Roofer
rickwil64: The Scenic Palouse
rickwil64: Raining Sideways
rickwil64: Straight And Narrow
rickwil64: Just A Little Sag
rickwil64: One Lonely Tree
rickwil64: Singing In The Rain
rickwil64: Smoke Won't Go Away
rickwil64: Isolated
rickwil64: Early Morning Hike
rickwil64: Off Road
rickwil64: Smoke Has Settled In The Valley
rickwil64: See Through
rickwil64: Up Close