Loraine Blythe: Orange Gerbera Daisy.
Steenjep: Panorama lake (In Explore)
Viv.....: On a sunny winter morning, lovely pink Magnolias in bloom on tree. The flowers are bisexual with numerous adnate carpels and stamens arranged in a spiral fashion
Emanuel Papamanolis: The dribble
Loraine Blythe: Pimelia spectabilis.
Nick Ransdale: IMG_2338. Syritta pipiens (Syrphidae) f
Nick Ransdale: IMG_2357. Map Butterfly (Araschnia levana)
Nick Ransdale: IMG_2313. Gasteruption sp. (Gasteruptiidae) f
Loraine Blythe: Yellow Tulip with Dragonflies.
s_inagaki: Tokyo
regev01: DSC_1419
-Faisal Aljunied - !!: Portable Fan
Caulker: September morning
Caulker: Morning in the Regents park
Caulker: September flower
@lvee: 2023-09-22_07-03-31
Viv.....: On a sunny spring evening, adult Lorikeet contemplates on Himalayan Magnolia tree at our garden. In flight, a yellow wing-bar contrasts clearly with the red underwing coverts.
Loraine Blythe: Canola near Harden, NSW (EXPLORED).
-Faisal Aljunied - !!: Umbrella Time ☔️
BONGURI: 20230819 Minami-Shinano 2
Finn Frode (DK): Pirate pose - Happy Caturday
smiles7: Maggie - High Atop a Boulder
TooLoose-LeTrek: Likin' the Fungus Amongust
s_inagaki: Tokyo
Royston King: Chirk castle pond statuette
Polterguy45: Random Photos! - This Dog has got it all figured out.
tez-guitar: Ready to Autumn
Viv.....: Spectacular video of Humpback whale in a pod migrating north to tropical waters from Antartica, off Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Expelled air from its blowhole can be seen at regular intervals.
marfra2012: Home Fields
Steenjep: Udsigt fra 10. etage