Viv.....: On a sunny winter afternoon, a pretty Cherry Blossom unravels at our garden, with more to follow. Cherry blossom trees produce small, unpalatable fruit or edible cherries.
Viv.....: On a sunny winter afternoon a pretty Camellia in full bloom
Viv.....: Picturesque afternoon winter views of marina, beaches and city from Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Muttonbird island is a protected area for wildlife popular with tourists
Viv.....: On a sunny winter evening, a pretty Rose in bloom at our garden though with pesky Aphids
Viv.....: On a sunny autumn afternoon cute Cockatiel feasts on seeds. It's a social bird, found in pairs or joining up to twenty others in flocks.
Viv.....: Lovely adult Seahorse calmly moves in water, anchoring at rest. The male seahorse has a pouch at the front of the tail. When mating, the female seahorse deposits up to 1,500 eggs in the male's pouch! Do excuse the video quality - shot through curved glass
Viv.....: As lunch approaches, alert adult Meerkat sniffs the air for possible intruders. It has visible signs of furious digging in search of food. Uncropped image
Viv.....: On a cool autumn evening, our garden's pretty Daisies start to gradually fold up for the night
Viv.....: On a warm spring morning adult Ibises grooming themselves on a public walkway after a bath in the wetlands waters on the right. Somehow they look dirty as before! Note the twisted neck musles of the Ibis on the left
Viv.....: Lovely spring afternoon red Roses and buds in bloom at our garden. One flower is past its prime and shows ageing
Viv.....: On a sunny spring mid morning, adult Australian Ibis flies low over the water as it approaches the wetland nest. Its underbody shows visible water reflections
Viv.....: On an autumn morning, a beautiful Kordes Bordeaux Floribunda Rose with a fine layer of morning dew, in full bloom at our garden. This hybrid is known for its deep colour
Viv.....: Living in harmony - Chestnut Teals and Stilts feeling at home at the wetland. Sharing is important for survival
Viv.....: Nice to see Cichlid varieties swimming happily about in an aquarium
Viv.....: On a sunny summer noon lovely large Rose in full bloom. The species hybridizes easily and makes it popular
Viv.....: On a sunny summer morning, striped Daisy from our garden in full bloom. Daisies are half-hardy perennials
Viv.....: Scenic afternoon winter views of marina and beaches from Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Muttonbird island is a protected area for wildlife popular with tourists
Viv.....: On a hot summer morning, cute adult Alpaca at a farm takes a break in between feeds. This ethical farm cares for the animals till death
Viv.....: On a winter afternoon, pretty Gerberas in full bloom at our garden. While it appears as a single bloom, it's actually hundreds of individual flowers
Viv.....: On a sunny tropical afternoon beautiful Dahlia is in full bloom. Dahlias are perennial plants with tuberous roots and the flower is the national flower of Mexico
Viv.....: On a sunny autumn morning, handsome male King Parrot has breakfast of Magnolia fruits at our garden
Viv.....: Rather short video (as bird decided to go out of range!) of adult Australasian swamphen on breakfast hunt in wetland on sunny summer morning
Viv.....: On a sunny summer afternoon a pretty Magnolia bud unravels on a large tree. The flower is large and is an ancient genus that is popular even today
Viv.....: Beautiful pink Cherry Blossoms in bloom in our garden on a sunny winter evening. Most buds have bloomed at this stage
Viv.....: After breakfast on a sunny spring morning, a large adult Pelican takes off from the wetland and cruises gracefully the blue skies - uncropped image
Viv.....: Pretty Daybreaker Grandiflora Rose bud unravels on a sunny autumn morning at our garden. Its soft colours and multi tones make it special - on Explore 14 September 2022
Viv.....: On a summer morning, purple Loosestrife blooms attract a bee. This perennial plant grows in colonies and is popular with long tongued insects
Viv.....: During a spring morning, the lovely red Waratah in our garden prepares to unravel gradually. This colour is well known and is the state flower of New South Wales
Viv.....: Adult Masked Lapwing pair and another on breakfast hunt on a sunny autumn morning at the wetland meadows. It lives on the ground and is very alert
Viv.....: On sunny summer morning, beautiful Azelea blooms glow in the sunlight