Viv.....: Pretty Ceratopetalum blooms
Viv.....: Adult Eurasian coot creating lovely rings of water ripples as it feeds in the wetland waters
Viv.....: Unusual downpour at dusk on a sunny day around our garden surrounds, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Viv.....: Today's season first Oncidium orchid in bloom in our garden
Viv.....: Our cute Goldfish when they were about 9 years old
Viv.....: Striking Impatiens in our garden
Viv.....: Today's rain drenched Nandina foliage in our garden
Viv.....: Adult Pelican takes off gracefully from the wetland. It's amazing how this large ungainly bird gets airborne.
Viv.....: Lovely Queenscliff Beach - mainly surfing, Manly, New South Wales, Australia
Viv.....: With heavy rain this afternoon, this poor Cockatoo shelters in the gum tree in our garden. Notice how the beak feathers are drawn up to cover the mouth and keep warm
Viv.....: Dawn Cockatoo in contemplation in our garden today - uncropped image
Viv.....: Lovely Rose bud with morning dew
Viv.....: Cute Java sparrow enjoying the sunshine
Viv.....: Striking Petunias in our garden
Viv.....: Skilful Australian Ibis prepares for nest landing in wetland
Viv.....: Lovely Daybreaker Grandiflora Rose at dusk in our garden
Viv.....: Interesting to watch juvenile Australian magpie behaviour in our garden this morning. Parent (left) has been trying to make juvenile (right) independent and does not yield to feeding it despite constant juvenile pleas.
Viv.....: Pretty spring Daisies galore
Viv.....: Lovely Kordes Fairy Tale Magic Rose bud with a raindrop unravels in our garden
Viv.....: Australian pied cormorants pair cruising clear skies around wetland looking for nesting material
Viv.....: Interesting to watch today's parent and juvenile Lorikeets feasting on Bottlebrush nectar in our garden. Juvenile, who fledged recently, is learning to feed in the safety of dense Bottlebrush foliage. Towards end of video, watch parent feeding juvenile
Viv.....: Striking Bears Breeches giant foliage
Viv.....: At dusk in our garden, parent Kookaburra (on left) has freshly caught beetle in its beak and juvenile (on right) pleads loudly to be fed - uncropped image
Viv.....: Unique summer dusk clouds wrap the waxing gibbous day moon like a shawl - seen over our garden on 14 December 2021, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Explore No. 1 on 6 January 2022
Viv.....: Australian pied cormorant skimming the water on its way to its nest at the wetland - uncropped image
Viv.....: Brilliant colours of Snake vine bloom
Viv.....: Today, dawn Cockatoo in our garden polishing off almonds - uncropped image
Viv.....: Pathway through lovely Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden at dawn, St Ives, New South Wales, Australia
Viv.....: Adult dusk Noisy Miner in our garden on watch for intruders
Viv.....: Beautiful Cymbidium blooms in our garden