uopnfvex95: Pig in the woods
Miranda@: Morning sun
pastadimama: A new world (under control)
rhaps0deep: thank God all chairs aren't electric
cobol: Jim White
flavio.gioia0: 20221028_085444
Wuzbug: My study version of a painting by Gustav Klimt. 1862-1918. Of his niece, “Helene Klimt. 1898.” Coloured pencil & graphite drawing by jmsw on thick card. Last stage.
CodeHole: Blizzard
painted dreams 1: Her Other Self... 115cm- 87cm
uopnfvex95: 11/10/22
fabinuk 2: Fake Michaux
Enzymulous: Passing Storm-7.jpg
bill_giddings: 'Round About Midnight
web.werkraum: Die Stadt und die Zeit
Galiano Rossi: In Venice (Campiello veneziano)
lluisribesmateu1969: The Day After
lluisribesmateu1969: Yellow Woman
fabinuk 2: Echoes and whispers
The Chimes: White Bread Cafe
Galiano Rossi: Solitudes
rhaps0deep: the struggle of the magicians
Lyuba Zhukhovicher: Ненастье 2002 гуашь 31х29,5
Lyuba Zhukhovicher: Мальчик 1996
pastadimama: Bitter world
Croc'odile67: Lever de soleil sous la brume d'automne
Techuh: 《□□□》