marcosax66: lulu'
marcosax66: composition 632
marcosax66: composition 065
marcosax66: shadow
marcosax66: Donne moi un câlin
marcosax66: HAIKU (on post-it)
marcosax66: frank
marcosax66: red wine
marcosax66: walkin' on the fifth Avenue
marcosax66: Fosso di campagna. Inverno ( acrylic and onion peels on cartboard)
marcosax66: A house. Morning light. May
marcosax66: waitin' for sister death
marcosax66: Brughiera d'inverno
marcosax66: Untitled 82
marcosax66: saxman
marcosax66: While my lady sleeps
marcosax66: Paesaggino in Toscana
marcosax66: Fil (detail)
marcosax66: Fil (recovery). Tonight I worked on it a little bit .. so it's more .. Fil.
marcosax66: motherhood (with peach tree in bloom and peonies)
marcosax66: Composizione 53 ( arco moresco)
marcosax66: peonie
marcosax66: Geometrie spazio temporali: il falò. Wooden sculpture made in 1999 on the beach of Camogli (Italy) - lenght 18 mt - height 2,4 mt _ Computer processed photograph