jjlloyd: Galataport
Jonlandish: California Hotel, Oakland, CA
Jonlandish: Sky Road
jjlloyd: Üsküdar-Beşiktaş ferry
drewrobinsonphoto: Fujifilm X100V
里卡豆: 高雄流行音樂中心|X100V
里卡豆: 鐵鳥居|GH5mk2
里卡豆: 高雄隨拍|X100V
grscary: photok 4
geovenshine: Late-day kayakers
armyblackhawkpilot: Sauscilito, CA
John M Reynolds: Listed
warth man: Black and Whites in Mono
fabriziomusacchio: Straying Around
hobbit68: VW Käfer…
matthias.ripp: Monochrome night
Steven Vance: Where apartments & affordable housing are allowed on the North Side of Chicago
peters452002: D StB 183 717 Harrbach 28--07-2021
waterfallout: Growing Inside You
rucko fotografie: Bushaltestelle an der Kammerschleuse
reallyboring: Plymouth Court, also
THE.ARCH: Beach Life...
starmist1: Beach Scene
MR1807: Over the Clouds
Mercer52: "I seem to have misplaced my hat." 7419 S. Parnell
Steven Vance: A new six story office building is under construction on Elston Avenue in Chicago