Eddie C3: Late Autumn (Ginkgo biloba)
13skies: Very Old Book (HMM)
13skies: November Snow #1 (HFF)
13skies: Cab 21 #1 (HSS)
begemot_dn: pumpkin
Frank C. Grace (Trig Photography): Red-bellied Woodpecker
joeldinda: Barn Outside Hoytville
NJKent: Rainbow, Slid
NJKent: Little Things Make Me Happy
sccart: 40's 50's
suzanne~: Happy Bench Monday!
arbyreed: Two Percent
arbyreed: Jingle Jangle
arbyreed: Beaver Pawn
arbyreed: Bagged
suzanne~: A day for walking
suzanne~: The welcoming committee
suzanne~: Old oak tree in Hausen
suzanne~: Wayside Crucifix in Gauting
suzanne~: 2021 Bike 180: Day 217, December 3
suzanne~: 2021 Bike 180: Day 218, December 6
s0340248: DSC29787 Veitshöchheim 2020
cHris sHoot: valen5
cHris sHoot: valen40
cHris sHoot: troca32
T.L. Williams: Life Is Filled With Gray Areas
T.L. Williams: Abandoned
T.L. Williams: Symbiosis