wwnorm: hoodie & owl figure
wwnorm: just a flower
wwnorm: M1083468-LRred1024forFlickR
wwnorm: old piano detail
wwnorm: Old ceiling lamp with one working light
wwnorm: broken fence
wwnorm: lines & light
wwnorm: no spitting
wwnorm: white morning glory
wwnorm: mug station
wwnorm: lots of steps
wwnorm: snowman nitelite in the snow at night
wwnorm: step up
wwnorm: stone steps
wwnorm: bird on a lamp post
wwnorm: rest stop
wwnorm: seagull on my hood
wwnorm: eyes right
wwnorm: crack the sky
wwnorm: rubbish bins at the outlet bridge
wwnorm: garbage day
wwnorm: I got my hand caught in a flatbed scanner
wwnorm: but first
wwnorm: s'mores pancakes
wwnorm: required reading
wwnorm: sympathy for...
wwnorm: owl figure closeup
wwnorm: white mug on white background
wwnorm: devilish figure