Paul R. Sanchez: Sutherland Falls, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
Paul R. Sanchez: Moses Creek Falls, Revelstock, British Columbia, Canada
Thorsten 4.0: The little roman bridge
Lars Brock "Donzilasse" Photography: Good morning Fort Lauderdale
Paranth Kannan: Tundra Swan
Defabled: Gwynedd Waterscapes
herbert@plagge: Hinter dem Wasser / Behind the water, Giessbach Falls (Switzerland)
Nick Mayo/RemoteAsiaPhoto: Oyster Farms & Floating Houses
celia.mulhearn: Flooding in the Park
rgcmcelroy: The Mouth of McConnell Creek - 20221122-0028
ryanpc98: Boat Under The Sun
danielafalkenau: Kirschblüte
busmender1964: The Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia National Park, Wales
LZ.2000: 20200111_Burgmühle_Rahmen_F13998
LZ.2000: 180511_Burgmühle_Rahmen_770302
Eiki Wang: 芳苑濕地 風力發電
七福神: nakanojo,Cras maximus dolor eu ex malesuada, shimonita, non mollis augue dapibus. Vestibulum sit amet est a est laoreet malesuada. Fusce consectetur / たぶん中之条町か下仁田町、銀座でもいいし、どこでもよい、榛名湖から榛名富士、いや宮池から讃岐富士!、香川県大好き!また行くね、うどん食べに!てっぱい も!せっとるけんこんもにして!!
Carl_Daniel: Seeing your own reflection 😔
gcobb84: Stormy North Sea
Merrillie: Sunrise over the water with fog, boats, clouds and reflections
ka2rina: The Tictic river in the Zambales mountains
CTDin2018: Midnight Walk
vantcj1: Conversando con mi amigo Daniel, con la laguna de fondo. Julio de 2018/ Speaking with my friend, Daniel, with the lagoon in the background. July, 2018
vantcj1: Retrato por mi amigo Daniel, Laguna Don Manuel, julio de 2018/ Portrair by my friend, Daniel, July 2018
vantcj1: Sobreviviendo sobre el agua, julio de 2018/ Surviving on the water, July 2018
stevebfotos: Sometimes is pays to look at things from a different perspective. Who knows what you may discover....
Selectivebits: Foggy morning