deanspic: Second Aspect of these rare two Toulouse Goose. Aspect early today so warm 17 Celsius.
deanspic: One Toulouse Goose eating water on ground.
deanspic: Two Toulouse Goose and other birds all going out from shoreline and into water.
deanspic: Ring-Billed Gull, Male, Young.
deanspic: Only one Ice Hut on limited ice water, HoopleBay.
deanspic: Single person cutting ice to water attempting catching fish.
deanspic: Water frozen thin, again but this likely last time as water opens.
deanspic: HoopleBay open water now, lots clouds and sun in sky and lots water !!!
deanspic: Vast majority of all Ice Huts removed off ice water today.
deanspic: Truck taking out Hut, close to the shoreline and the ice still looks good 👍
deanspic: Last Hut in the distance with a truck that will likely remove it off ice HoopleBay.
deanspic: Sunset on water reflections.
deanspic: Single Tree on shoreline partial open water.
deanspic: Common Female Merganser on open water.
deanspic: Ring-Billed Gull, managing for winter.
deanspic: Ring-Billed Gull, turning to go on to water to eat.
deanspic: Ice Hut Rentals are approximately half taken off ice water….
deanspic: Ice Huts removed from the ice water HoopleBay.
deanspic: Ice Huts still on HoopleBay ice water.
deanspic: Tree on top CornwallCanal and focus below on water.
deanspic: Single tree reflecting on the water of Cornwall Canal.
deanspic: Ice stating to open small parts of snow on Cornwall Canal.
deanspic: Ice opened up by water peacefully small pieces !!!
deanspic: Currently Autumn limited waterfall from Cornwall Canal.
deanspic: Large view, Freezing Flow...
deanspic: Ring-Billed Gull, ready for winter.
deanspic: Pre Sunset Today, less clouds.
deanspic: Pre Sunset Yesterday, lot’s clouds!!!
deanspic: Unique view Canada Goose amazing white colours of head and neck.
deanspic: Another view amazing colours of head and neck.