deanspic: Starting to Sunset while paddling on rapid open water St. Lawrence River.
deanspic: Rough water and strong wind viewed from bottom of solo canoe.
deanspic: Rough water in front of canoe
deanspic: Solo canoe covered top to reduce effect of wind.
deanspic: Worked here nearly 20 years 👍👍
deanspic: Clouds formed last evening…
deanspic: Canoeing Car
deanspic: Muskoka
deanspic: Deers attempting to cross road…
deanspic: 4 deers near road, running back from my scooter.
deanspic: Geese in old cut corn plants.
deanspic: Goose, Looking for corn, but none as all cut off.
deanspic: Crysler city, Nation River.
deanspic: Nation River Waterfall
deanspic: Splash view Nation River waterfall
deanspic: Robin migraine North now…
deanspic: Geese on ice
deanspic: Sunset approaching while we paddled to the shoreline of Bird Island.
deanspic: Sunset as we took off water and dropped on the shoreline after visiting Bird Island.
deanspic: Lots of wind on river
deanspic: St. Lawrence River with White Caps
deanspic: Onset of snowstorm
deanspic: Scootered Snowfall
deanspic: Highway safe as snow not forming but melted as temperature 2 degrees above zero.
deanspic: At proper speed on highway safe as temperature 2 Celsius.
deanspic: Covered head with paddle…
deanspic: Flying over the Bird Island.
deanspic: Flying over our canoe at the shoreline of Bird Island.
deanspic: Canoed back to Bird Island…
deanspic: Gulls on shoreline