Joseph Hollick: Miniature Fishing Village of Oderin Harbour, Saint Mary's, Newfoundland
claudionimuc: 61-Bach
claudionimuc: Yesterday, today, tomorrow, time does not exist.
leo.roos: Find the door
Enchanted Loom: IMG_9862Wat+Bonsai50%+OPimp Bristle=10+BicSharper
Wuzbug: Welsh Cat. North Wales. Ballpoint pen drawing by jmsw on card
Enchanted Loom: Parco di Monza
dur.doloi: toys
*Amun*: New Look, thanks black friday <3
Patti Deters: White Peacock Fairyland Forest
dannyhennesy: a chance of random happenings made me spill my coffee all over my sketch pad in a public café I think my mind works the same way? is it performance art or just a gaff? (Illustration clutter artwork draw and painting by Danny Hennesy 2022) arte kunst
Wuzbug: My study version of a painting by Peter Vilhelm Ilsted, 1861-1933. Danish Artist and PrintMaker. Coloured pencil drawing by jmsw on thick card. Last stage.
renéromand: Réflections automnales
retired1919: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
Grant DeLanoy: Sunrise 11.30.22
auteur-normand: Houle contre vent
Kylian Vortex: HO HO HO
Ba®ky: He’s just a repeat of what I had before
annie.lehoux: La sorcière aux chérubins
itophoto1: DSC_5440rlowsip
Andre T 44: Veilleuse de Nuit
Andre T 44: Un début en gris......
2algt46: PA_008
2algt46: H 070
uchi uchi: OMD EM1 11.30.2022 butterfly 1
uchi uchi: OMD EM1 11.30.2022 flower 1