leo.roos: Black and blue
leo.roos: Missing molar
leo.roos: Clowns, Animals and Freaks
leo.roos: Breda station
leo.roos: Interstellar overdrive
leo.roos: Black Death
leo.roos: No shit, closed October - March
leo.roos: Sunglasses on wood
leo.roos: Wallflower
leo.roos: Lincoln Cathedral, Chapter House
leo.roos: Sneak peek of the bicycle parking
leo.roos: Mind the step
leo.roos: Le Pré de Madame Carle
leo.roos: In a hurry
leo.roos: Kodak Bantam 6.3, 1938-1947
leo.roos: Overload
leo.roos: Photo me
leo.roos: Fed up with reading the papers
leo.roos: Wet and dry
leo.roos: Quand le soleil dit bonjours au montagnes
leo.roos: High key fence
leo.roos: The sky is the limit
leo.roos: The light fantastic
leo.roos: Waiting room for interested persons
leo.roos: On my way to the Col d'Izoard
leo.roos: Blind window
leo.roos: Transparency
leo.roos: The blue planet
leo.roos: Great curves
leo.roos: The blue and grey shopping experience