leo.roos: For sale
leo.roos: Colourful
leo.roos: Sailor
leo.roos: Tall tales
leo.roos: Vertigo
leo.roos: Westland sunset
leo.roos: On the move
leo.roos: Industrial landscape
leo.roos: Blue bamboo
leo.roos: The Garden of Epicurus, 2014, Sarantis Gagas, Greece, Land Art Delft
leo.roos: Limit No Fuss
leo.roos: International Mother Language Day Monument, Zuiderpark, The Hague
leo.roos: Neighbours
leo.roos: Fluffy
leo.roos: Mosaics
leo.roos: Recessed door
leo.roos: The apple doesn't rot far from the tree
leo.roos: Sitting girl
leo.roos: You can't miss it
leo.roos: For parts only
leo.roos: Shifted layers
leo.roos: Structures in Dutch agriculture
leo.roos: Saucerful of secrets
leo.roos: Security
leo.roos: Trabbi
leo.roos: Golden hour at the farm
leo.roos: Keep exit clear, is that clear?
leo.roos: Drawbridge to Bokehistan
leo.roos: Wallflowers