leo.roos: Bull Point, Devon
leo.roos: sun deck chair
leo.roos: All clear captain!
leo.roos: Century old grief
leo.roos: Baggy Point
leo.roos: Birding with Dipper
leo.roos: Oooh it's hot
leo.roos: Löderups Strandbads Camping
leo.roos: Press the red button (for those who dare)
leo.roos: Half timbered and wired
leo.roos: Glasses
leo.roos: Swedes making glass: teamwork
leo.roos: Bridges to Bokehistan
leo.roos: Art of shadows
leo.roos: Zuiderpark theater
leo.roos: The Dark Side of the Sun
leo.roos: "I'm between walls" said the roof
leo.roos: Bridges to Bokehistan
leo.roos: Snow in San Anselmo
leo.roos: U bokeh rack
leo.roos: DSB 1387
leo.roos: Cool calm collected
leo.roos: Bark art
leo.roos: Bridges to Bokehistan
leo.roos: Ceramic relief sculpture depicting post-war Reconstruction, Jac van Rhijn, 1955
leo.roos: Cyan shade
leo.roos: Hard loveseat
leo.roos: 4-seater seesaw
leo.roos: Blowing glass
leo.roos: Unfinished business