leo.roos: DOW Chemical Terneuzen
leo.roos: Dead calm
leo.roos: Keep on running
leo.roos: Beware: sugar beet hazard
leo.roos: Best before: 20SEP2022
leo.roos: Cyclops
leo.roos: Waiting for spring
leo.roos: A place in the sun
leo.roos: Light at the end of the tunnel
leo.roos: When sun meets rain
leo.roos: Wary eye
leo.roos: Through the fence
leo.roos: Julie
leo.roos: Brand new day is coming round the bend
leo.roos: Resistance is futile
leo.roos: It's a mess
leo.roos: Like the train of a wedding dress
leo.roos: Down the dike
leo.roos: No boat tours today
leo.roos: Windows
leo.roos: Natural breeding
leo.roos: Purple hot
leo.roos: Pull me
leo.roos: Change of direction
leo.roos: Looking back
leo.roos: Harbour blues
leo.roos: Transient art
leo.roos: Zebra love
leo.roos: Neighbours