leo.roos: Chabot museum
leo.roos: Gerrit Johannes de Jongh 1845 - 1917
leo.roos: Great sense of direction
leo.roos: Ouch my legs, Henk Visch, 1995
leo.roos: Kunsthal
leo.roos: Perforated mirror
leo.roos: The perforated photographer
leo.roos: Rotterdam is laying an egg
leo.roos: Rotterdam is laying an egg
leo.roos: Red ball
leo.roos: G spot
leo.roos: Fun with fennel
leo.roos: Back street sign
leo.roos: Floating leaf
leo.roos: There is something LOOS
leo.roos: Caged spiral
leo.roos: Stripey roofness
leo.roos: The woman in the window
leo.roos: Down the D400
leo.roos: Incognito
leo.roos: Between the buttons
leo.roos: Haberdashery
leo.roos: When zebras ruled
leo.roos: Bull Point, Devon
leo.roos: XXwall
leo.roos: White fence
leo.roos: Solid
leo.roos: The open window
leo.roos: Helter shelter