leo.roos: Autumn joy
leo.roos: Warehouses
leo.roos: Chairs
leo.roos: Fading fence
leo.roos: Horizontal and vertical relationships
leo.roos: The atrium
leo.roos: Vero Moda
leo.roos: Walls are closing in on me
leo.roos: Post and pylon
leo.roos: Old nuts
leo.roos: Queen Wilhelmina's silver jubilee bench (1923)
leo.roos: All that glitters is not gold
leo.roos: Contact
leo.roos: The woman in the window
leo.roos: Faceless
leo.roos: Covid? No, just after the rain.
leo.roos: Shoes
leo.roos: Antique gear
leo.roos: To the sunset
leo.roos: Power to the people, 2017, Johan Moorman
leo.roos: Triple doors
leo.roos: Restoration Antiques Curiosities
leo.roos: Triple-veined pearly everlasting
leo.roos: Night wolf
leo.roos: Dordrecht canal
leo.roos: Hot and dangerous
leo.roos: Hosta
leo.roos: Wild carrot
leo.roos: Lamp