leo.roos: Walking on art
leo.roos: light and shadow _ 5
leo.roos: Through the Looking-Glass
leo.roos: Reflection
leo.roos: X1000r/min
leo.roos: The lonely smoker in her private universe
leo.roos: Kiss + Ride 5 mins max
leo.roos: Rough living
leo.roos: 18th century fishing village
leo.roos: (Taking the boat out of winter storage) Spring is here!
leo.roos: Leidolf Wetzlar Lordox 24x36 with Triplet 1:3.8/5cm (1952)
leo.roos: light and shadow _ 4
leo.roos: Full of character
leo.roos: Organic glass
leo.roos: Neptune
leo.roos: Fighting cocks
leo.roos: Herrvik hamn
leo.roos: Silverfjord
leo.roos: Mug shot
leo.roos: Swedish glass
leo.roos: Glass for sale
leo.roos: Ala church
leo.roos: Ala kyrka
leo.roos: Gårdsgravfältet
leo.roos: The photographer's little helpers: No, that's not in focus Marjo!
leo.roos: Always glad to be of help!
leo.roos: In the shade of the tree
leo.roos: Gårdsgravfältet
leo.roos: Medieval farmhouse, Fjälänger, reconstruction
leo.roos: I'll paint the other half mañana