dannyhennesy: The Energy of Psychedelic Nuclear Energies Used by Butterflies and Nuclear active Flowers (painted artwork)
dannyhennesy: Evolving Revolving Volvo and dada poetry a different cut-out technique or written stuff on a cupboard IMG_0003
dannyhennesy: Curly Minor Dimensions form matter and repeating patterns that secretly Strive for survival in a 3d dimensional universe (abstract painting artwork)
dannyhennesy: LEGO Min-bots, Cyber-Scorpid Mecha meets Mini-gun android mandroid science-fiction ToysIMG_1215
dannyhennesy: Complex and Elaborate Ringsystem and moonlets orbiting a Sub-atomic Exo-planet (abstract art)
dannyhennesy: My mum as a tiny child Vintage style portrait photography taken in the 60´s
dannyhennesy: The White Furry Imp and it´s Decorated Feces Suports my ART from The warm Comfortable Underground Combustion Chamber (contemporary art)
dannyhennesy: My room before the great selling and tidying up Purge: a haven for chaotic object collections and Toys
dannyhennesy: Evolving Swirly Algorithms harsh Struggle to Survival in a Competitive Environment (abstract Fine-art clutter)
dannyhennesy: Abstract Light photography the Møllevången Dope-roundabout at night Malmö. Sweden
dannyhennesy: Voyeur Virus Videotaping the elusive exotic sex life of interspecies Bacterial Humping (abstract Contemporary art)
dannyhennesy: Heleneholms Kraftvärmeverk/ Heat plant and Power Station
dannyhennesy: Jonah Ended up in the wrong intestines, He got swallowed by and interstellar Organic Space-floater Hive-aliens guts (psychedelic Art)
dannyhennesy: Malmö (my present Prison) Nobeltorget Close to Olof Palmes Plats (Sweden)IMG_5936
dannyhennesy: an ancient Fiend from the past serves me a foreshadow of my incinerating Hellfire Sulfur Catharsis resurrection (Psychedelic mystique art)
dannyhennesy: Lego Classic Castle Moc afol scene Magic Wizards having a Pre-war gathering on War
dannyhennesy: Curled up Minute Planck length Dimensions Sweeping across a Huge Human Living Room Unnoticed by sentient entities (abstract art)
dannyhennesy: Blond Raver Liam-prodigy-look-a-like selfy photoboot Danny a few year in front of cam
dannyhennesy: Candy In the Skies Revisited Acidic Trip in the form of Shapes and Visual Color (arbstract contemporary PaintinG)
dannyhennesy: Russian Political Leader dolls Babuschka Tsar Nicky, Lenin, Stalin, Chrusjtjov, Brezjnev, Gorby and Yeltsin
dannyhennesy: His Satanic Majesty´s foul Morning Hangover Breath sends you to Gehenna (Contemporary artwork)
dannyhennesy: Surreal Alien Naked Mutant distorted Female alien posing as artwork painting (vintage from 2010)
dannyhennesy: Distorted-space-time-sleeve
dannyhennesy: Lego Minifigures Line-up Faction The Black Rattler Organisation army troopsIMG_0001
dannyhennesy: Slimy Abstract Poetry Droplets Slivers of soft words Streaming towards a gravitational safe haven (pianting ARtwork)
dannyhennesy: Glowing Magical Orb at MAS Hospital area zoneIMG_6075
dannyhennesy: Surreal Otherworldly Algorithmic Creatures Floating in a Fantasy Gas-World (abstract-surreal artwork)
dannyhennesy: Guy Who could fit right in to the insane asylum
dannyhennesy: Aggressive War-Politics Seem To Often Carry Distorted Male shapes (abstract dada art)
dannyhennesy: Different Germany´s Coinage Nazi drittel Reich 3rd Nazi Germany and the Weimar RepublicIMG_0001 (2)