dannyhennesy: (un)Structured Hang-over female friend with morning breath that toxic that if could kill Jimi and me the day after the party with her venomous Killer-exhaust air ( Acrylic canvas contemporary painting by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0003 (1)
dannyhennesy: Graffitied small walking-street in Vienna with arc portal and overhanging building in a bridge-like urban vintage construction ( Wien Stadt Photography city) IMG_8025
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: Queen goes all sticky over the new handsome foreign neighbor and gives him wine an flowers (afol Medieval LEGO MOC minifigures and house
dannyhennesy: insane Surreal Sketch from the past pad copied in Printer and painted on top collaboration between Old me and new me in a spooky way: Past shades and fades (artwork Mixed media Danny Hennesy 2021 aka. MushroomBrain the artist) Scan 1
dannyhennesy: Me as a blond at a café in Vienna witch I was a new inhabitant in
dannyhennesy: The Poetic and narcissistic Squid Writes an eight-armed cluttered Love letter to it self in cypher but forgot the Key to it and is bewildered in it hearts and confused in it soft brain (contemporary Artwork By Danny Hennesy 2021)
dannyhennesy: inmate in Intergalactic Prison Pen. Shows of his alien Species special gang groupings Cluttered tattoo inspired by the Classic Earhling Artist known as Danny Hennesy for a Reporter from the Centauri journal (Abstract figurative artwork sci-fi ink)
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: Undercity illegal drug dealer Droid-gang cornered by galactic police-force in Mech Walker and Hovercraft Robot Criminal scum of the Hive city and the valiant multi-species galactic Police (AFOL MOC Minifigure build and vignette LEGO Toy)
dannyhennesy: Urban Photography: Hotel architecture ruptured by city nature (art photography Schweden) Trea and high building in my town IMG_9849
dannyhennesy: just a Mundane sunset in Luxor with some minor psychedelic Middleearth Lights playing across the skies and a land-shark predator tries to sneak up on a fractal Camel chewing on cheap hemp (artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021) (Abstract graffiti-like mess)
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: The Mage wandering about in town and discovers a new Wizards tower and a new wizard where his old place used to be (AFOL Lego MOC toy-build Medieval scene city in LEGO ) IMG_0003
dannyhennesy: The Patient with Nasty Anxiety Problems is having a Severe Panic attack and feels utter shame and inner turmoil to the Borde of suicide thoughts because he forgot the butter outside on a warm summer day (Psychological Artwork by Uncle Danny Hennesy 2021)
dannyhennesy: Me as a four-eyed Magic kinder mutant in Vienna at home 29466_1319667344167_1940890_n
dannyhennesy: Espresso intoxicated Mid-atlantic Code Switching Lingua between Jive, Polari, cockney and AAVE on a future graffiti on a Transatlantic Undergrund subway wall cluttered by human writing-devises (contemporary artwork by Danny hennesy 2021)
dannyhennesy: Wooden Enigma 2017 Multimedia Mixed-media artwork By Danny Hennesy 2021 abstract 3d art
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: Blacktron Pilot Captured by Federation Ace-pilot and she sits her mech Down to have a chat with the love-deranged apprehended prisoner (afol Vignette Minifigures and Robot MOC sci-fi LEGO scene) IMG_0006 (1)
dannyhennesy: Random Street in Vienna Margareten Bezirk 5. unknown street trea and sky view IMG_8942 (2)
dannyhennesy: A Treasure Stained and Tainted by guilt and lost souls that is free for the taking by any thinking organism spurned by most while some greedy souls want it all without a nagging soul-burn) (artwork illustration By Danny Hennesy 2021 aka. MushroomBrain)
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: the mages last day before the fire in his alchemist den or when everything went a rye and a fire or the great inferno at the wizards tower (Minifigure Vignette LEGO scene MOC afol) IMG_0002
dannyhennesy: The fraudulent blueprints in the attempt to Bring back the Statue-Angels from their premature decay and eradication from the past in to the future as a mean of failed redemption (contemporary artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021)
dannyhennesy: Me at Karlsplatz Wien with the KarlsKirche in the background (Unknown photographer reflected in sunglasses ) one suspect is eliminated since he is on the picture :)
dannyhennesy: It is not a speech bubble but a Cyclopic Female Zenaxeno speaking their highly visual speech from the silent monomouth and Yes I have to admit That I was the inventor of their present alphabet (sci-fi comic alien artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021 arte kunst )
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: air sopport crashing his spaceship into enemy positions while he make a short suicide speech to the ground lads epic galactic battle on cyber-moon (FOL sci-fi LEGO toy Vignette scene) MG_0001
dannyhennesy: Ciphers, Encryptions, Ancient Scrolls, Mysterious Algorithms, defunct alphabets, Diary secrets, gotta collect them all and you still won´t know! + a bonus camel hump balancing (contemporary clutter mixed media contemporary artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021)
dannyhennesy: Portrait my friend in her living room window smoking taken from the street with my systematic Zenit Film-camera in the olden days
dannyhennesy: Alien Bra-commercial first ever Galactic broadcast picked up by Scientists as a pure accident become our first sign of extraterrestrial life (Biro bic ballpoint drawwork art by Danny Hennesy 2021 aka Mushroombrain)
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: The Glorious Golden days before the barbarians and hardship stuck the kingdom according to the kings memory ( FOL MOC minifigure diorama vignette) IMG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: Misty Spooky seance contact across the soulless void a passed Lady´s facial features appear like cluttered art ectoplasma in imagined thin air (contemporary artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021) Kunst/arte/artwork
dannyhennesy: Bathroom Selfie as New immigrants to Vienna when I was foolish enough to try to grow a mustache to look more Austrian and Butch witch only turned our sleazy on my mug (photographic Facial Shot my mug reflection mirror)
dannyhennesy: The Posh Cockney Art counterfeiter that tried to pull of his Castle-theft by a bewildering illusion composed of extra Bonus Ellies and surplus information which still baffles the London Art community (contemporary abstract art Danny Hennesy 2021 )