dannyhennesy: Playing Card atc two of clubs mutilation of game card by danny0dada0afol_def8bnq
dannyhennesy: LEGo Classic Castle: "love knows no fear" desperate royal girl tries a trapeze act to get to her lover! AFOL MOC TOWN
dannyhennesy: Energetic being sheds its cocoon skin to interact directly with subatomic energies of nature in a purer form (contemporary art by MushroomBrain)
dannyhennesy: My Work in Progress corner of my room, artworks getting ready for publication and tools IMG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: ATC my first ever Artist Trading Card raw clutter with different biro-bic-ballpoints "6 of hearts"
dannyhennesy: Lego City Disco Nightclub with a mixed collection of minifigures Afol Party (pre-covid)
dannyhennesy: The tic super hero Speed paint for Vic Unknown-to-me super hero or insect mutant creature (MushroomBrain) Art
dannyhennesy: atc cybers calculations Tricky playing card full of wormholes (artist Trading Card by Danny Hennesy) 2021
dannyhennesy: Classic castle Lego: Who is guarding the outer side / easterling Samurai Sneak attack AFOL toy vignette Crown nights and ninja IMG_0003 (2)
dannyhennesy: Morgue Forensics conclusion: Cause of death unknown but she is still staring at it (contemporary portrait by Danny Hennesy 2021) Morbid stiff artwork IMG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: A Tiny Abstract painting that will look even smaller 5 miles away if you are a standard human with ordinary vision (Contemporary art by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0003
dannyhennesy: Ancient tree lit at night Malmö, Mas Hospital area night walkIMG_6095
dannyhennesy: Classic Space / fabuland the sci-fi- astronauts encounter a strange new anthropomorphic alien race on their galactic travels (LEGO HUMOR Moc Vintage figures afol Lego) IMG_0007 (1)
dannyhennesy: WARNING! 80´s Fashion OVERLOAD! Visual Cortex Close to Meltdown, Like drinking condensed Lemon-Juice, Even Audio system Gone Neon Haywire! (contemporary 2021 art By Danny Hennesy imitating 1980´s vibe)
dannyhennesy: Savior or Despoiler? Sometimes you enter a doubtful gate despite your gut feeling just because you are so desperate to get away from where you are now! (Contemporary figurative painting 2021 By Danny Hennesy (hellish imp she-devil)IMG_0001
dannyhennesy: Ripped posters wall in First District Vienna (Erste Bezirk Wien (BEC) dirty urban lovely unaesthetic aesthetics Cluttered alley IMG_8055
dannyhennesy: Lego Classic Castle: The Queens Birthday party MOC and royal court toy figures AFOL rich feast
dannyhennesy: Abstract senseless cluttering Dendrites and anxons clinging in panic to each others to maintain a memory in a dying aliens brain an image of it´s loved ones! (Contemporary abstract artwork By Danny Hennesy) 2021 IMG_0001 (3)
dannyhennesy: Abstract Beast in another dimension ready to consume you contemporary painting by Danny Hennesy 2021 bIMG_0010
dannyhennesy: Cluttered room toys and glass objects, prism, dies and an old photo of me and mum IMG_2539
dannyhennesy: Classic Space sci-fi the fully automated robot factory industry Bots building mechanical automated entities production process AFOL MOC LEGO IMG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: Moldy forgotten structure of ancient shamans that could form matter like clay (contemporary abstract painting by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0004
dannyhennesy: Abstract Emotions of splintering chaotic pain diverting reality towards and outer force of enemy character (or Abstract contemporary art) Painting by Danny HennesyIMG_0001
dannyhennesy: Urban Vandalism Concrete roadblock down city staircase, also featuring Mold and Graffiti Urban-jungle documentation IMG_3072 (1)
dannyhennesy: "the most mysterious picture I have ever created or just some weird abstract art!" Contemporary painting by Danny Hennesy IMG_0003 (1)
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle 3 Kingsmen stumble in to a barbarian stronghold "You know we can´t let you live) Minifigures fatasy/knights IMG_0002 (1)
dannyhennesy: The 60´s Girl Who meditated too Long and started to dIssolve in to fundamental particle forms and energies in the 90´s (contemporary artwork of a psychedelic kind by Danny "MushroomBrain" Hennesy MG_0002 (1)
dannyhennesy: Abstract texture photography Folds and zig-zags pattern and structure MG_7695
dannyhennesy: Lego Classic Space vignette: Hello Mr. Blacktron invader, please let me tell what you can shoot at before you blow us all up! Moc Sci-fi AFOL MG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: Commercial ad an XXL-cup using a none-nude silicon female Wearing a Foam-bra in bubble bath to sell more boobs (foam-bra not included) (Contemporary Artwork By Danny HennesyIMG_0002 (1)