dannyhennesy: the nasty mutated over-ripe revengeful leftovers from last X-mas (Christmas) coming to haunt you as a horrid organic blob (and as a bonus easter too) (Comic Art By Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte Real
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic space / Sci-fi: Eco-Terrorist fighting a robotic guard-bot at a microchip storehouse production site this splinter group accepts tech that is after 2043 ( Minifigure and AFOL robot build plastic toy bricks scenes and vignettes Hobby Photo
dannyhennesy: the state of the world is going towards apocalypse I hope my future won´t be like this but if it is I am gonna do it with style and fashion ( art by Danny Hennesy ) Kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Bonus Image (Presenting my first AI-art based on my own sketches and paintings) Just a fun Hobby :) Digital ART of a new age
dannyhennesy: it is a boring picture taken by my system camera in the 1990´s but with the links to later pictures at the same Geotagged spot it is rather fun ( Urban city photographer )
dannyhennesy: To confuse art-historians of the future I include this old vintage painting in this series depicting two genderless aliens trying to earn their living on the street ( close to space dock 7 where H-VNJ hangs about) (art Danny Hennesy 2023)
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Castle: a few days older the babies with royal blood are gonna relive their trauma in the Winter place as baby-racers ) AFOL Medieval slavs tribesmen and vikings minifigures hobby photos ) Pic
dannyhennesy: angry Impressionistic cartoon pointillistic duck Blows a fuse and a puff of smoke in the shape of a cranium appears next to his jinxed haywire-brain ( Drawing by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) arte real Kunst
dannyhennesy: I Invented the Trump-Haircut decades before him... Me doing something with a small top patchwork trousers and a really goofy nerd haircut
dannyhennesy: ATC No. 38 Just because we are both Ginger they think we are twin-brothers but I think that we are actually not even close family ( Painted Bridge-sized playing card ) Arte Kunst Real DIY redeco
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Space (City): Fake Child-actress dies in speeder crash after speeding with her new ride that she bought for money she made when she first stared in a movie! ( AFOL sci-fi with Robo-Angel robotic angelic droid )
dannyhennesy: The mega-gigantic structure at the Mars core where the little green men of the red planet hide out in their cluster-cities not a sci-fi fantasy but the truth ( Contemporary abstract art by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte real mixed media painting
dannyhennesy: if it wasn´t for that mega-chimney pointing it exhaust towards the blue sky you woun´t really think that it was in a city :)
dannyhennesy: A young student from a 6-d universe clutters a 5-dimensional graffiti-tag on a university toilet here illustrated in 2d (it was later found out an relegated) ( contemporary art by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte real painting and draws series
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Castle: the other barbarian Faction following Lady Tirana clash with the faction following Lord Buck ignites a civil war among the besieging enemy forces outside the capital city wall ( FOL MOC medieval toy figures ) pic img
dannyhennesy: ...and the last trial before entering the promised dimension is a brane separating the realms guarded by a mythological wyvern without wings asking you which chess piece you will choose ( Art By Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: The extreme close-up of a really stable and sane mug (selfie of me in my apartment in Vienna )
dannyhennesy: a visual synopsis to a surreal/dada movie I once wanted to make that should also be available as a visual comic and also the blueprint to an antsy Universe ( Art By Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte Real
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Space: the space-pirate buccaneers are yet again making space their home after sailing the capital planet suers for some time because of an unlikely benefactor ( toy alien sci-fi minifigures and freebooters MOC AFOL hobby)
dannyhennesy: Monolith of minute holy wormwood with a universal galactic worm-hole breaking through to a shadow-universe on the other side erected in the honour of the great Artist Uncle MushroomBrain ( Danny Hennesy art painting /sculpture ) Kunst Arte real
dannyhennesy: Commercial plastic Urban Clown greets you close to Seved, Malmö, Sweden (Ystadsvägen a few years ago) (GB Clace company logo figure )
dannyhennesy: the over-intellectual four-eyed bi-curious Librarian working as a toothpaste compressor escapes work by breaking in to an alternative universe she called her fantasy universe of dreams ( Drawing by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Castle: Night horror plagues even a mighty Wizard-King a guilty consciousness will spook your soul for eternity, Nightmares animated past the divine of death and life ( AFOL LEGO MOC toy photography )
dannyhennesy: the fundament of cross-species communication in nature illustrated by non-human animals speaking in polar pinging copy cat tongues ( Art by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Child-Me and Robban on the porch outside as minor fashion models displaying the new clothing gifted to us by our daycare minder Ulla (vintage images from the 1980s )
dannyhennesy: Bulging blobby Blancmange-like plasma of scribbles leaves a stringlike wiggly chemical trail of alphabet-like recipes of a gelatinous organic dessert sentient amoebic organism (art by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Space: Cray in Exo-suit and Mask rescues Miss gray / mum and killed all of the bogies and brought her best friend with him (sci-fi AFOL MOC toy figure photography sequel) Pic Img
dannyhennesy: Uncle Baba Jägermeister´s cluttered doodling speech said: Hitting Cis-Krampus on his Popeye-kisser ain´t no boots made 4 walking but for kicking like a back-to-front mule son of a zig-zag ZeDonk! ( Art by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) Kunst rate real dada
dannyhennesy: The Upper part of the Hospital Klinik Landstraße seen above the rooftops on the other side of the street from our 6th floor balcony at night (or early morning)
dannyhennesy: A Skegness seashell exoskeleton of an invertebrate Creature that once died and was washed up at a beach and then collected by a young version of the artist just to be painted in polka-dots many years later (painted object by Danny Hennesy 2023 ) kunst