dannyhennesy: "ATC No. 40 the Titanic Tintan of romantic love the Jack of all trades and unions proposes to the queen diva while the ace of spade hover slightly above" kunst arte real acrylics and more mixed media pop
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Space: the Alien/human hybrid baby in exo-suit known as Cray and the wise Fish-Emperor goes back to the capital planet and the F-E’s old urban asian “antique” shop in search of the very important Golden Key ( AFOL adventure toy hobby)
dannyhennesy: The hypnotic gaze of a Oort cloud “lizard monkey” is a psychedelic and lethal visual feast before a swift death tailored to make its prey docile and decapacitated ( Art by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Backlit chess pieces a knight looking at a pawn (feudal class issues) vintage photo taken aprox. 1995-1997 at home, games and art photography
dannyhennesy: Most mesmerizing hypnotic piece of psychedelia and Neo-pointillism I have created in ages also it explains the missing matter problem in astrology or was it Astronomi? ( Abstract art by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Me as a fat toothless chubby blue-eyed baby in the 1970s smiling for the camera and probably giggling ( cute younglings from the family album )
dannyhennesy: my Cap among slammer, whammers, pogs and milkies: named: the first ever bottle cap gaming collectable 2d flip tosser in mainly black and white!
dannyhennesy: LEGO classic Castle: secret love of Queens Svetlana has to be secret because even for a royal romantic love that between women-woman, Man-Man is forbidden by ancient law in the frozen kingdom of the north ( AFOL brick hobby and Moc build vignette)
dannyhennesy: Duality of the mind is a cluttered map of phrenology as the psyche cracks in split personas and genders in a schizophrene outsider artists crowded head (A painting from Me 1998 by Danny Hennesy) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Green Face of Horrible mummified horror dried (real) Goblin-troll severed head sculpture with giant glotzer eyes ( 3d artwork by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) fantasy model Kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: The spring loaded geezer was surprised by the bellydancing vivid hazy ga’l started a psychedelic abstract chain reaction that caused a dreamy power current through the ominiverse of everything ( by MushroomBrain 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: LEGO: Classic Space: BlueBirds Log: the gaffe of Bb. And how the alliance grew when Bb. Was the top brass on bridge on their clandestine rebel ship disguised as a minor planet asteroid ( Hobby toy Moc AFOL spaceship and minifigures sci-fi photography )
dannyhennesy: ATC No. 39 Quite an ordinary playing card a repainted King of diamonds with some micro cypher nothing to see really ATC playing card artwork series gaming and art ( kunst arte real ) king collectible card
dannyhennesy: Me in Swedish Garbage workers uniform in Denmark (for some reason) in my early 20s in the 1990s with reflective street suit - “working class hero” social realism
dannyhennesy: The punk Justitia peeking through her blinder-like bandage to predict Fortunas moves before she makes them but most moves are in the future so she carries on reading her red herring tape-books of unlaw ( art by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Milla ”Didi” and Madde ”slajjne” waiting for their café Frequenting friends at (at the time) Malmö’s Piccadilly the corner of the Hennes & Maurits shop in the central city Malmö 1997 (or 1996) friends from the Swedish past
dannyhennesy: Benny and the Boys are not dead even if this skull-angel band have renamed themself as undead tackier here a picture of their drummer Dead-beat Fungus trasher ( art by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: LEGO Classic Castle: a great party at the palace with a multitude of ethnicities and faction to boost the moral amid being besieged and the threat of civil war in the capital ( AFOL medieval MOC ) toy hobby photography and pulp cheesy story
dannyhennesy: A canine canon dog wagger observes and contemplate about an indention from a higher dimension push through his universe unbeknownst to the observer it is a 3d illusion virus from the Cattus Familarus brane ( by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) kunst art real
dannyhennesy: Me at the Värnhems school (Värnhemskolan) Malmö, schweden, photo by Stipan K. In the library in the early 1990s (1992 or 93???) in my old butch lumberjack style
dannyhennesy: LEGO (less) classic space on the robot-world known as CyberGoo some robots watch as Vicky Sigmus gives a giant old automated mecha a soul so it can fight the OrangeMeanies better ( toy hobby custom build with Moc droids minifigures )
dannyhennesy: the ancient Mecha robot known As old Uncle J.O.E (Junk Orange Eradicator) known for its slow but reliable bursting of the orange-meanies ButtCons ( toy model composite custom build and paint ( by Danny Hennesy 2024) sci-fi toy hobby and collector
dannyhennesy: A rare, No unique spell card to the most unknown psychedelic underground collectable gaming card game in the world with a Danny Hennesy illustration art (painting/draw by MushroomBrain 2024) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Work-urbex at the chocolate factory at Fazer with a broken window with a candy Geisha - indoors the abandoned industrial complex - hobby photography
dannyhennesy: The art challenge: Only them with an IQ above 150 can see the hidden image in this abstract drawing, that is why I (the artist) can’t see it but I guess might be a 1980s Neon horse there ( Art by MushroomBrain 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: me self-portrait more than ten years ago ( when I still was a smoker ) new in Sweden yet again with camera on automatic shot eject photo and fashion with Mohawk MushroomBrain
dannyhennesy: A nasty antipope circles the skies of the world spreading false prophecy by leaflets written by his satanic lord misleading common people to become hateful bigots ( art by Danny Hennesy 2024 ) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Lego Classic Castle: the Fish-Emperor makes big business during a truce on his temporary city wall fish shop - dealing with the enemy would lead to prison for any other citizen of the alliance except for the ancient creature who might be a hybrid (AFOL)
dannyhennesy: Franz Kafkas single May-bug beatle (Ringo) a psychedelic nightmare or dream bugging hexaphiles or Happy Birthday dear Sibling sister turning 46 today (art and decoration Danny Hennesy 2024) kunst arte real
dannyhennesy: Warhammer 40.000 wh40k Eldar Harlequin (without pattern of squares or diamonds) with hand-flamer and power-glove and punky mohawk vintage gaming miniature painted lead (or something) games workshop games 1990s hobby figure