dannyhennesy: Please don´t read this cluttered ink text out loud since it might be the correct algorithm to bring up an Armageddon on our universe or similar horrid cataclysm (contemporary pennting ballpoint art by Danny Hennesy 2022) kunst arte doodles
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: Cadet faction fighting a blacktron Assassination-droid of an isectiod morph an example in how melee and close-combat weapons still play a rull in future warfare (AFOL scifi MOC build with robot and minifigures Collection hobby LEGO photo)
dannyhennesy: ATC 29 - Jack of Wands custom playing cards - spoof Bogus mock card game for fake Gamers that want to collect art closet art-collectors :) (Modified card by Danny Hennesy 2022)
dannyhennesy: Very strange and odd numismatica three different issues with me as the mint master... coinage issued on behalf of The Monarchy of Homeland, unstated state of Holma and Troldstien a danish micro-province in Brøndbys Haveførening
dannyhennesy: Haze of vivid rivulose Geminated Dotted pattern flashing by without a pack-leader Benempt as Dada-Chaos-clutter by a fake outsider-artist (contemporary abstract artwork painting by Danny hennesy 2022) kunst arte
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: the two Musketeers meet the Tyrol Prince Albert at a sleazy public house inn and drinks and plans for the future (medieval AFOL MOC pub scene vignette with minifigures) LEGO Hobby Photography
dannyhennesy: Pain and agony of the demonic environmental peace-activist when she is running aways from industrial infinity and too-lateness of Destruction (Contemporary painting by Danny Hennesy 2022) kunst arte surreal
dannyhennesy: Another selfie of the artist in his room/studio in Vienna (fully dressed indoors?) poser cap and sunglasses
dannyhennesy: Vintage Ottakringer (beer) and World Of Warcraft (game) Gurgling beer-loving murlock monster beast and text + Bonus translator (MushroomBrain 2010) kunst arte inspired murlock fantasy painting from when I lived in Vienna
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: Blown up wreck and casualties at former Eco-base two orbiting station medics search the ruin for survivors (AFOL Lego sci-fi Moc vignette hobby photography)
dannyhennesy: a woven Circuit-veda Mandala an offering the monks of the fifth gender of the species offer their future "wives" when they end their 1003 years of meditation and chastity ( clutter doodle of alien psychedelic character by Danny Hennesy 2022) kunst
dannyhennesy: Industrial Building with loads of metallic pipes at industrial site in Malmö, Sweden ( Schweden Malmoe ) or as Henreich Millner would say: MalmÖÖÖ!
dannyhennesy: Stylized Japanese Geisha retells a poets tail and verse in gibberish and coded dada in strange languages and cockney rhyming slag (contemporary artwork by Danny Hennesy 2022) arte kunst painting female portrait and text
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: at the mage-towers underground dungeon an eery experiment takes place: the wizard try to animate non living matter to live but makes another important discovery (AFOL LEGO Vignette MOC hobby minifigure and robot photo medieval fantasy)
dannyhennesy: A Piece of a UFO wall panel I ripped from the spacecrafts inner wall as proof of my space-travel to the nonbelievers looks a bit like abstract art (Contemporary art by Danny Hennesy 2022) Kunst Arte
dannyhennesy: My first "self-created" games ever Game creation on Struckd - a game-engine that anyone can handle - computer-games
dannyhennesy: nonfigurative freaky Cubist woman´s frontal head shot portrait with hidden elements of RPG collectors cards disguised as squares in background for the nerdy (contemporary abstract artwork by Danny Hennesy 2022) kunst arte abstrato abstrakte painting
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: clandestine Robo-city in a free haven the suers have been located by the federation their droid leader calls for arms while the bots panic (AFOL LEGO robotic moc Brick-madness) LEGO hobby Photography pic
dannyhennesy: The Swedish Christmas eve when mum´s tagliatelle defied all known natural laws and levitated self-propelled around the house for hours where they UFOs? (Modern abstract art by Danny Hennesy 2022) vivid kunst real Arte
dannyhennesy: Dance like and Egyptian hieroglyph selfie 25 years old Me posing or dancing at home in top and vivid trousers (odd fashion punk)
dannyhennesy: a mock-up commercial to buy Molly-Cola, Just me making a joke about what really scares me: a less democratic world where the physical power and guns drive our crashing airplane right in to a brick wall of destruction (Artwork by Danny Hennesy 2022) kunst
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: Peace ceremony and diplomatic conversations outside the place square in the capital one more Peaceful victory for Queen Esmeralda (AFOL LEGO moc medieval city with knights and Ninjago minifigures) hobby photo
dannyhennesy: a Blossom blooming event of a Astrophylus Megafoliagica Terrarica (or Planetary-Rose in common tongue) unfolds in a rare psychedelic world-shattering event to shed and shoot its seeds all across the universe (contemporary art vivid painting) kunst arte
dannyhennesy: Our Cellar Landstrasser 123 Wien/Vienna/bec Europe 2009-2014??? Pipes and masonry bricks damp and dunkel-dark infrastructure of flats Photography Foto
dannyhennesy: The spooky Eggman out-shined by a white hole or DIY Recycle-culture reusing my plastic-daughters favorite bedtime book-sleeve as art when she outgrew this saga (Danny Hennesy artwork 2022) kunst arte pinta
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: Bluebirds the last day in orbit around the aqua-world Zeuzschwimm Beta 2 stories from the runway (AFOL LEGO MOC sci-fi saga hobby photography with spaceships and minifigures)
dannyhennesy: Peeping Tom Voyeurism as Playing Card Jack Observes emoji-smileys eggs being fried in several frying-pans int their raw state - or naked lunch with steamy foam above (contemporary art by Danny Hennesy 2022) arte Kunst pinta
dannyhennesy: Me in half-drag in the hallway of the woman I later married before we became a romantic item (stockings, skirt and mismatched blouse (DIY)
dannyhennesy: Manual manuscript on how to reshaped stones and bend their photons to become the color of your own fitting (artwork By Danny Hennesy 2022) arte kunst text and shapes contemporary outsider
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: The retelling of the tale from a second survivor from the Onslaught of the pass by the well organized Barbarian horde (AFOL LEGO MOC vignette of medieval Hobby Photography)