Peter.Stokes: Local Birds Toilet Block Art, Mulambin Beach
Peter.Stokes: Causeway Car Park Toilet Block Art, Mulambin Creek, Qld.
Peter.Stokes: Windsurfer Toilet Block Mulambin Beach
Peter.Stokes: Street service unit Murals, Maryborough, Qld.
Peter.Stokes: Public Toilet block Mural, Emu Park
Peter.Stokes: 'Oh Deere' Farm Stay Water Tank Art
Peter.Stokes: Railway Ave. Home Hill is an overnight free camping 'street' alongside the railway.
Peter.Stokes: Watermelon Mural at Home Hill. Artist: Jon Eelectros Auocardo
Peter.Stokes: 'Burning the Cane' Mural, Home Hill. Artist: Jon Eelectros Auocardo
Peter.Stokes: Home Hill Post Office. Opened 1913
Peter.Stokes: The 'Spirit of Queensland' train at Home Hill Station on its' way from Brisbane to Cairns.
Peter.Stokes: Pacific National PN003 at Home Hill with a mixed freight train
Peter.Stokes: The Burdekin Bridge, a road and rail bridge, was completed in 1957, 10 years after construction began.
Peter.Stokes: All that is left of the old Burdekin rail bridge crossing the sandy Burdekin River.
Peter.Stokes: The John Drysdale Clock Tower in Ayr was built in 1928.
Peter.Stokes: Ayr Post Office was built in 1936.
Peter.Stokes: Dance Mural: Artist: Cam Scale (2018). It is on the wall of the Lighthouse Theatre in Graham Street, Ayr
Peter.Stokes: Burns Philp & Company Ltd Building, Bowen. Built 1917.
Peter.Stokes: School History Mural, Bowen, Qld.
Peter.Stokes: Bowen and Port Denison from Flagstaff Hill Lookout. Queensland.
Peter.Stokes: A close-up of North Head Lighthouse, on Stone Island.
Peter.Stokes: Looking south east from Flagstaff Hill Lookout. In the distance, (l-r) the small Middle Island, Gloucester Island and Gloucester Cape.
Peter.Stokes: Interesting architecture but what was it originally? t is currently the offices of the Qld. Department of Transport .
Peter.Stokes: Bowen History Mural.
Peter.Stokes: Bowen History Mural in a laneway.
Peter.Stokes: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Bowen. Built 1936..
Peter.Stokes: Bowen Post Office. Built in 1936 and now heritage-listed.
Peter.Stokes: Early Seaplane Mural, Bowen. Artist: Glen Gilluly 1991 - Repainted 2005.
Peter.Stokes: Mackay Botanic Gardens & Orchid House
Peter.Stokes: Mackay Botanic Gardens & Orchid House