andrevanb: evolution
uk vintage: Gold Medal 426
uk vintage: Berkley G 181
V Photography and Art: Happy Book Day
Gianni Motti Assistant: Ladies And Gentlemen GMA Is Floating In Space
Gianni Motti Assistant: Autour De La Lune (GMA Remix)
swallace99: Avon Books T-190 - Victor Hugo - Hunchback of Notre Dame
swallace99: Signet Books Q3739 - Gerald Emanuel Stearn - McLuhan: Hot & Cool
Gianni Motti Assistant: The Mountain (GMA Remix)
micky the pixel: Die lustigen Igelkinder
swallace99: Black Lizard Books - David Goodis - Shoot the Piano Player
swallace99: Perma Books M-3080 - M.E. Chaber - The Splintered Man
swallace99: Bantam Books 27597-6 - Tom Wolfe - The Bonfire of the Vanities
swallace99: Pocket Books 1240 - M.E. Chaber - The Lady Came to Kill
uk vintage: Pocket Book 6169 - 9th Print 1962 ~ Robert McGinnis ~
uk vintage: Prisma 427 - 1959 [The short stories of H.G. Wells] ~ Eppo Doeve ~
uk vintage: Pocket Book B 88 - 1953
kirstiecat: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous
Gianni Motti Assistant: Rafle Du Vél D' Hiv
swallace99: Sphere Books 11 - J. W. Brodie-Innes - The Devil's Mistress
swallace99: Bantam Books 20884-5 - Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
samo_gone: Summerhills
samo_gone: Fontana books
uk vintage: Gold Medal 221
swallace99: Garnier-Flammarion 188 - Chamfort - Maximes, Pensées, Caractères et Anecdotes
swallace99: Sphere Books 23 - J.K. Huysmans - Down There
maureen_sill: pilsen community books
swallace99: Paperback Library 63-353 - M.E. Chaber - The Flaming Man
Gianni Motti Assistant: Mas Que NASA (GMApollo Remix)
MICKSIDGE: Cracker Girl - Stallion Books - No 216 - Harry Whittington - 1954