Wendy:: winter in Belfield; reflections in iced lake
Wendy:: armchair traveller ~HMM
Wendy:: this ship needed three tugs this morning!
Wendy:: snowdrops~ Explored
Wendy:: pandemic essentials ~HSS
Wendy:: spring has sprung; robin's bath time
Wendy:: Conway institute
Wendy:: courtyard Conway institute
Wendy:: ice shards on main lake
Wendy:: tail working overtime; prospect of a duck chase?
Wendy:: gently resting
Wendy:: HSfS note the salt on the steps to prevent slipping!
Wendy:: National virus reference lab
Wendy:: a certain rhythm ~HMBT
Wendy:: quartet frozen in time!!
Wendy:: remnants after Christmas decorations all consigned to attic!
Wendy:: lockdown baking again:(
Wendy:: first hellebore
Wendy:: not the best bee ever -but a welcome guest!
Wendy:: Frosty morning and locked down again
Wendy:: campus in winter
Wendy:: spooked gulls?
Wendy:: water colours
Wendy:: golden light
Wendy:: winter life on the biodiversity lake
Wendy:: reed reflections
Wendy:: duck on ice!
Wendy:: last sail for 2020
Wendy:: New year's eve; Moth on a plane!
Wendy:: last light at Shelly Banks