Wendy:: Persicaria red dragon
Wendy:: morning dewdrops
Wendy:: stipa tenuissima
Wendy:: Nicotiana
Wendy:: blue for Jane!
Wendy:: Ceratostigma plumbaginoides HMBT
Wendy:: canna v.2
Wendy:: sparkling canna leaf
Wendy:: tree v.2 accentuated in IR ~ HSS
Wendy:: the tree at the bottom of our garden~HTMT
Wendy:: reflections in O'Reilly Hall~HWW
Wendy:: Belfield Campus UCD
Wendy:: Belfield campus
Wendy:: before term starts
Wendy:: the new staff Common Room
Wendy:: O'Brien centre for Science
Wendy:: Confucius institute
Wendy:: HSS from UCD
Wendy:: Atrium Confucius institute UCD ~HWW
Wendy:: nymphea Belfield biodiversity lake ~HSS
Wendy:: going to seed~ in Explore
Wendy:: The Shannon flowing South
Wendy:: each to his own!
Wendy:: Shannon rally
Wendy:: the Shannon and bridge from the Art Gallery
Wendy:: the Shannon from the Luan art gallery
Wendy:: Athlone castle
Wendy:: _X4A5780
Wendy:: Athlone and The Shannon river
Wendy:: Westport house