swallace99: Signet Books J6139 - Erica Jong - Fear of Flying
warwick_carter: Erith : Quentin Crisp - ZAGAVA
warwick_carter: The End of the Game : Peter Beard -TASCHEN
warwick_carter: Sacred Nature Life's Eternal Dance, Jonathan and Angela Scott - HPH
warwick_carter: To Solitude Consigned, The Tasmanian Journal of William Smith O'Brien 1849-1853
warwick_carter: The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosencreutz - SMALL BEER PRESS
warwick_carter: Imperium; Robert Harris - Signed deluxe limited edition
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): J.C. Platt's diaries - Lincoln shot
max hanna1: The Lake District, Cumbria
swallace99: Bantam Books 14577-0 - Jerzy Kosinski - The Devil Tree (with back)
♔ Georgie R: Lunch 64*365 (3*795)
lhboudreau: Official Guide Book of the Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco Bay (1939). Cover art by Si Vanderlaan. The face is that of Pacifica, goddess of the Pacific Ocean.
byzantiumbooks: City Notebooks
swallace99: Signet Books CD89 - Madame de La Fayette - The Princess of Clèves
swallace99: Livre de Poche 2556 - Gabriel Chevallier - Clochemerle Babylone
sonobugiardo: book - libro - buch - livre - numeretta - antonio rubino
sonobugiardo: book - libro - buch - livre - la matita di zucchero - antonio rubino - paola pallottino - 1978
sonobugiardo: book - libro - buch - livre - il castello d'abicì - antonio rubino
sonobugiardo: book - libro - buch - livre - bestie per bene - antonio rubino
warwick_carter: The Poetic Edda - FOLIO SOCIETY
warwick_carter: The Temple of Flora - FOLIO SOCIETY LIMITED EDITION
warwick_carter: Neverwhere, The Author's Preferred Text; Neil Gaiman - WILLIAM MORROW LIMITED AND SIGNED EDITION
warwick_carter: The Life of Saint Edmund, King and Martyr - FOLIO SOCIETY LIMITED EDITION
warwick_carter: Letters to my Father 1660-1663, Edwatd Abney - Limited edition - SIMON RANDALL PUBLISHING
warwick_carter: The Decameron; Giovanni Boccaccio - FOLIO SOCIETY LIMITED EDITION
Boy de Haas: Ace 0441808557
Boy de Haas: Ace 0441727859
Boy de Haas: Ace 0441092276
Boy de Haas: Ace 0441139027