AFS Messina -> Tigrone in livrea originaria (Foto del Mese n. 111 - Luglio 2019)
John Woolley Photos: 50321_1905_Loughborough
WelshHatter2000: 7822 & 7812 at Llangollen
KORA-362: ZSSK 240.142 /// Lanžhot (CZ) 10.9.2018
Sascha Oehlckers: PKP Cargo ET41-075 - Bytom Północny (PL)
Frank Richards Photography: D9537 | Duffield | 16th July '19
Jason_Hood: Last Of England
Epic Larry: Coming In Slow
Yardbrush: Train from Spain
Paul268869: 45699 Galatea
vladixp: One model many photographers
The Mastadon: Good Times at Western Avenue
The Mastadon: Daylight At Night
Flikrman Gaz: D832 Bury
gdenscombe: Shutting off
gdenscombe: A leisurely runpast
gdenscombe: Spaceship
gdenscombe: Afternoon post
gdenscombe: Mixed freight
jhellender: DSC_5840_
jhellender: DSC_5823_
jhellender: _DSC6765_
douglas pike: vintage Tramcar
John Woolley Photos: 20007_0904_Ruddington
jhellender: _DSC6742_
jhellender: DSC_6961_
lionel682: Jeddo Coal at NCTM
loose_grip_99: Great Central Railway Swithland Leicestershire 12th May 2019
WelshHatter2000: 60009 'Union of South Africa' approaches Ramsbottom
WelshHatter2000: 45690 'Leander' approaches Ramsbottom