mike13aug: what's behind the green door
mike13aug: white seat
mike13aug: the silent garden waterperry
mike13aug: garden seat
mike13aug: my dad bob weir getting ready to dive
mike13aug: a frosty morning in Oxfordshire
mike13aug: oh deer
mike13aug: leafy lane in oxfordshire
mike13aug: young swans on the thames
mike13aug: the thames
mike13aug: river thames
mike13aug: oxfordshire
mike13aug: oxfordshire farm
mike13aug: left for winter
mike13aug: in a flooded field
mike13aug: flock of seagulls
mike13aug: farming
mike13aug: churchyard
mike13aug: waterlogged
mike13aug: passing through
mike13aug: horse and rider
mike13aug: grey squirrel
mike13aug: fungus
mike13aug: fungus
mike13aug: wheelbarrows
mike13aug: ladybird
mike13aug: gardener
mike13aug: garden sheds
mike13aug: flooded river thame
mike13aug: seat