mike13aug: tree dweller
mike13aug: fungus
mike13aug: fly spotter
mike13aug: HIDING
mike13aug: fist waving
mike13aug: JUNE
mike13aug: ON THE MOVE
mike13aug: WATCHING YOU
mike13aug: alert
mike13aug: swan
mike13aug: grey heron
mike13aug: perched in the fog
mike13aug: tufted ducks
mike13aug: egret
mike13aug: cormorant
mike13aug: grey heron
mike13aug: crossroads
mike13aug: leafy lane
mike13aug: letcombe regis Oxfordshire
mike13aug: woodland
mike13aug: footpath
mike13aug: fungi
mike13aug: footbridge
mike13aug: entrance
mike13aug: nibbled
mike13aug: fenced in
mike13aug: Oxfordshire
mike13aug: public footpath
mike13aug: standing guard
mike13aug: bench