semi46243: Yorkshire is a Dangerous Place!
semi46243: Ingleborough from Lamb Hill
semi46243: Ingleborough over the Wall
semi46243: Pendle Hill from Bowland Knotts
semi46243: Rossendale United F.C. after the fire
semi46243: Rossendale United F.C., a sad end
semi46243: Fecit Hill from Ashworth Moor
semi46243: Black Fives climbing Copy Pit
semi46243: Copy Pit Coal
semi46243: Holiday Train
semi46243: Peel Monument
semi46243: What are you looking at?
semi46243: Nuttall Park Lockdown
semi46243: St Andrew's and Peel Tower, Ramsbottom
semi46243: Climbing Well
semi46243: Challenging conditions and subject!
semi46243: Full Sun at Horton
semi46243: Horton Duff
semi46243: Horton WCML Diversion
semi46243: An Interloper in the Northern Fells
semi46243: S&DJR in North Yorkshire
semi46243: Heading for the Fells
semi46243: Freight on the Bentham Line
semi46243: Nanpiao Mining Railway
semi46243: Lindong QJ's
semi46243: Ramsbottom Deserted
semi46243: Moving the Goods
semi46243: Branch Line Society "Little North Western Grid"
semi46243: Ghost Train at Portsmouth, Copy Pit
semi46243: Lanky Tank on Home Ground (2)