robinstewart.smith: LMS 2MT No 41312 and BR Standard 9F No 92214 at Barrow Hill on 6th October 2004
robinstewart.smith: BR Standard 8P No 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' waits at Holyhead Station with the return North Wales Coast Express on 30th August 2004
robinstewart.smith: Freightliner Class 66 No 66503 on 'The Freight Liner' (Hertfordshire Rail Tours & The Railway Magazine) Railtour from Kings Cross to York passing Pinxton Signal Box (MR 1897) on 11th September 2004
robinstewart.smith: LMS Lowdham Level Crossing & Signal Box (MR 1896) on 31st July 1987
robinstewart.smith: LMS 8F No 48340 heads south through Loughborough Station (GCR) with a Windcutter working on 28th July 2004
robinstewart.smith: EWS Class 60 No 60053 heads west with Iron Ore for Scunthorpe passing Melton Ross on 12th September 2005
robinstewart.smith: BR HST No 43193 on the 1634 St Pancras to Nottingham arrives at Loughborough Station on 10th April 1989
robinstewart.smith: ABP Goole West Dock - LMS 1F No 41797 (aka 41708) shunting goods beside Warehouse No 22 on 28th July 2002
robinstewart.smith: LNER Class A2 No 60532 'Blue Peter' heads the 1000 Dep Loughborough to Leicester North approaching Woodthorpe Bridge (GCR) in frosty conditions on 30th December 1992
robinstewart.smith: ABP Hull Docks - LMS 0F No 51218 on P.W. duties No 3 Quay on 9th September 2000
robinstewart.smith: SR Rebuilt Merchant Navy 35005 'Canadian Pacific'and LMS S&D 7F No 53809 head north for Rawenstall at Burrs (ELR) on 13th August 1993
robinstewart.smith: LNER Azuma No 800103 approaches Frinkley Lane Crossing ECML on 27th May 2020
robinstewart.smith: GWR Prairie Tank Class 51xx No 8103 (aka 51xx No 4141) heads a local passenger working at Llwyfan Cerrig on the Gwili Railway - 5th May 2001
robinstewart.smith: GWR Hall No 4920 'Dumbleton Hall' heads a mixed freight at Winchcombe (G & WR) on 21st October 1996
robinstewart.smith: LNER DB Class 90 90036 approaches Frinkley Lane Crossing ECML on 14th May 2019
robinstewart.smith: BR Deltic Class No 55 D9009 approaches Newark Flat Crossing on 22nd May 1999
robinstewart.smith: Tanfield Railway - RS & H No 49 (August 1943) on a mixed rake of minerals wagons over the level crossing near Andrews House on 13th April 1997
robinstewart.smith: BR Standard 8P No 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' Swanwick (MRC) on 27th Aug 2006
robinstewart.smith: GWR Wooferton Junction Signal Box (GWR/LNWR Joint 1875) on 26th September 1987
robinstewart.smith: LNER Scarborough Falsgrave Signal Box (NER 1908) and Falsgrave Tunnel Portal on 13th July 1986
robinstewart.smith: BR Standard 4MT No 75014 passes Craig Highland Farm Park on 5th October 1997
robinstewart.smith: EWS Class 66 No 66044 approaches Balderton Hard Level Crossing on 13th December 2012
robinstewart.smith: LNER Acle Station and Signal Box (GER 1883) on 11th August 1986
robinstewart.smith: LMS Class 8F No 48773 on the turntable inside the roundhouse on 16th January 1999
robinstewart.smith: SR Class M7 No 30053 arrives at Harmans Cross on 27th Feb 2004
robinstewart.smith: LMS 0F Pug No 51218 shunts freight in the yard at Southport MPD (51231 awaits duties) on 7th February 1998
robinstewart.smith: Virgin Trains East Coast Class 91 No 91107 Doncaster Station on 7th June 2018 copy
robinstewart.smith: BR Standard Class 9F Nos 92212 & 92203 head south at Woodthorpe (GCR) on 8th February 1997
robinstewart.smith: Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 'David Lloyd George' approaches Campbell's Platform on 9th November 2004
robinstewart.smith: BR Class 83 No 83012 Euston Station on 26th August 1983