robinstewart.smith: LNER A3 4472 'Flying Scotsman' head the 10am Santa Special Departure from Loughborough approaching Woodthorpe Bridge (GCR) 24th December 1992
robinstewart.smith: Hawthorn Leslie No 2780 (1909) 'Asbestos' approaches Chasewater Church St Station with a short goods working on 14th April 2004
robinstewart.smith: LNER Sheffield Victoria Station (MSLR/GCR) VIew West - 26th August 1986
robinstewart.smith: LNER/BR Woodhead Station from Tunnel view from the West Portal with Woodhead Station remains on 31st March 1985
robinstewart.smith: LNER Class 91 No 91119 approaches Frinkley Lane LC (ECML) on the 8th August 2019
robinstewart.smith: Snaefell Mountain Railway - IOMSR No 15 'Caledonia' propels SMR Car No 2 away from Bungalow heading for Snaefell Summit during the Steam Trials on 7th Dec 1994
robinstewart.smith: LMS 3F 47357 & 47327 + LMS 7F 13809 Butterley Station (MRC) 14th May 1994
robinstewart.smith: LNER Welbeck Colliery Junction Signal Box (GCR 1915) 29th July 1987
robinstewart.smith: IOMSR No 15 'Caledonia' at Snaefell Summit as SMR Car No 6 arrives during Steam Test Runs on 7th December 1994
robinstewart.smith: LMS 3F No 47279 Oakworth KWVR 1610 Goods from Keighley to Oxenhope on 31st March 1990
robinstewart.smith: VT Pendolino No 390131 Patricroft Diversion 1st August 2019
robinstewart.smith: SR Class 02 No 24 Near Ashey 8th July 1995
robinstewart.smith: LMS New Brighton Station Signal Box (Wirral Railway RSCo 1888) 15th April 1988
robinstewart.smith: NCB Industrial Shunter working at Mansfield Colliery Screens 15th August 1989
robinstewart.smith: EWS Class 66 No 66129 on loaded aggregate hoppers & DBS Class 60 No 60044 Peak Forest 5th January 2017
robinstewart.smith: LNWR Class 230 No 230004 Approaches Stewartby Station 3rd July 2019
robinstewart.smith: NCB Derwenthaugh Coking Plant 23rd April 1987
robinstewart.smith: LMS Royal Scot No 46100 'Royal Scot' departs Wansford Station (NVR) 5th June 2017
robinstewart.smith: VT HST No 43367 at Grantham Station on 10th May 2017
robinstewart.smith: LNER Ulceby (South) Junction Signal Box (GCR 1910) 21st June 1986
robinstewart.smith: LNER Azuma No 800108 approaching Eaton Lane Foot Crossing 15th July 2019
robinstewart.smith: LNER Worksop West Signal Box (MSLR 1874) 25th February 1989
robinstewart.smith: GWR Dukedog No 9017 & City No 3440 Bewdley Station SVR on 1st October 2008
robinstewart.smith: SR Class S15 No 30506 heads a Mixed Freight near Ropley MHR on 22nd November 1997
robinstewart.smith: Ffestiniog Railway Sgt Murphy (Hunslet No 3117 of 1918) on FTP Mixed Train Charter passing Boston Lodge Shed and Works- 23rd October 1994
robinstewart.smith: GCR Director No 506 'Butler Henderson' Loughborough Station on 18th November 1990
robinstewart.smith: LMS 1F No 41708 on a short Freight on the Level Crossing Headshunt at Barrow Hill - Springwell Branch - 18th July 1998
robinstewart.smith: LMS Jubilee No 45596 'Bahamas' & LNER K4 No 3442 'Great Marquess' Depart Keighley 26th May 1990
robinstewart.smith: CELTIC ENERGY Onllwyn Washery - 'Meaford No 2' and 'Whiston' (from Foxfield Railway) working Hoppers in Coal Stock Yard - Freight Train Productions Photographic Charter 30th August 1997
robinstewart.smith: BR cLass 91 No 91001 in Doncaster Station on 15th July 1989