robinstewart.smith: EWS Class 66 No 66085 Lincoln High Street LC & Signal Box (GNR 1870's) with an MGR working for Immingham on 31st August 200
robinstewart.smith: LNER K1 No 62034 heads away from Glenfinnan on 8th October 2006
robinstewart.smith: GWR Oxford Motive Power Depot after Closure in 81F August 1966
robinstewart.smith: Workington Corus Steelworks - Robert Heath No 6 & LMS 0F 51218 hauling loaded rails on 31st March 2001
robinstewart.smith: LNER D49 No 62712 departs Wansford Station on 23rd February 2015
robinstewart.smith: Northern Trains Class 144 No 144006 passes Brigg Signal Box & Level Crossing on 6th June 2015
robinstewart.smith: SR IOW 02 No 33 'Bembridge' departs Haven Street on 9th May 2015
robinstewart.smith: LMS 8F No 48151, Jubilee No 45699 & Royal Scot No 46115 on ECS at Gamston (ECML) on 29th May 2014 copy
robinstewart.smith: LMS Super D No 49395 Quorn & Woodhouse Station (GCR) with a rake of Vans 15th January 2007
robinstewart.smith: GWR 16xx No 1636 with Freight at Bledlow Bridge on 23rd October 1995
robinstewart.smith: LNER Y7 68088 approaches Boston Docks Swing Bridge Signal Box (GNR 1892) shunting plank wagons over the Swing Bridge on 6th November 2000
robinstewart.smith: GWR Henley-in-Arden Signal Box (GWR 1907) on 16th April 1990
robinstewart.smith: LNER B1 No 61306 'Mayflower' at Wansford on 25th April 2007
robinstewart.smith: BR Class 58 Nos 58012 & 58005 approach Whisker Hill Junction (Retford) on 5th September 1993
robinstewart.smith: EMR HST 43059 departs East Midlands Parkway on 29th January 2020
robinstewart.smith: GWR Castle No 5051 & Manor No 7822 at Barrow Hill Roundhouse Yard on11th July 2003
robinstewart.smith: LNER Immingham East Junction Signal Box (GCR 1912) on 11th February 1989
robinstewart.smith: Workington Steelworks (Corus) - WG Bagnall No 2623 (1940) 'Hawarden' (from Foxfield Railway) heads empty Rail Bogies bolsters over the River Derwent on the 14th September 2002
robinstewart.smith: LMS 5MT No 45110 crosses the Grand Union Canal at Watford with the 1051 Watford to Amersham special service (Steam on the Met) on 29th May 1999
robinstewart.smith: London Midland Class 172 No 172329 arrives at Worcester Shrub Hill Station on 15th January 2013
robinstewart.smith: British Steel Redcar Teesside Works - Mirvale & Lion on Torpedo on the Blast Furnace Hot Metal Road - FTP Charter 19th October 1996
robinstewart.smith: Freightliner Heavy Haul Class 66 No 66552 'Maltby Colliery' shortly after the naming ceremony at Maltby Colliery on 30th July 2004
robinstewart.smith: BR 9F No 92214heads a mixed freight out of the Yard at Barrow Hill Roundhouse on 6th October 2004
robinstewart.smith: LNER Sunderland South Dock Staithes on 2nd August 1987
robinstewart.smith: Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 0-4-0ST 'Ajax' (No 7042 - Yard No 361/1941) passes the Admiral's Offices Chatham Royal Naval Dockyard on 1st July 2006
robinstewart.smith: BR HST No 43085 crosses the old Trent Bridge adjacent to Trent Junction (Gainsborough) with the diverted ECML 0950 Newcastle-Kings Cross on 1st May 1988
robinstewart.smith: LNER Crosby Mines Signal Box (GCR 1913) near Dragonby / Scunthorpe 23rd February 1988
robinstewart.smith: LNER Orgreaves Colliery Signal Box (MSLR/GCR) 4th May 1985
robinstewart.smith: BR Class 50 Nos 50031 'Hood' & 50049 'Defiance' head a railtour from York to Kings Cross approaching North Muskham LC on the ECML - 22nd September 2002
robinstewart.smith: LMS 5 No 45110 Foley Park Tunnel SVR 11th April 2008