Bo Ragnarsson: Post Nuclear Morning
Wanderlust Dreamer: Groton- Nautilus, SSN-571 @ NavySubmarineForceMuseum
migel.m: Pripyat
Richie B.: Back To The Dark Side
migel.m: AZ-5 button for reactor no. 3 in Chernobyl NPP
migel.m: Main circulating pumps ChNPP 3rd block
Mr Sovieticus: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
peterszustka: Gym in Pripyat - Chernobyl
peterszustka: Books in a school in Pripyat - Chernobyl
peterszustka: School in Chernobyl
peterszustka: Classroom in Pripyat - Chernobyl
peterszustka: daycare in Chernobyl
peterszustka: Ferris wheel in Pripyat - Chernobyl
Not the Fake Nate: Mk 7 Nuclear Bomb
Not the Fake Nate: Mk-28 (B28) RE Thermonuclear Bomb
Not the Fake Nate: Mk-I "Little Boy" Atomic Bomb
Bo Ragnarsson: Exclusion Zone End Station ☢️
Bo Ragnarsson: Exclusion Zone Train Operator
Cumberland Patriot: 68003 'Astute' and 68016 'Fearless' 6C46
Richie B.: Four Fat Ladies
Cumberland Patriot: 88006 'Juno' and 88005 'Minerva' 6K73
Cumberland Patriot: 68005 'Defiant' and 68018 'Vigilant' 6K73
Bo Ragnarsson: The Zone Steamer ☢️
M McBey: Titan Missile
M McBey: Scotland's Secret Bunker
Bo Ragnarsson: Postnuclear Vault Control ☢️