BudCat14/Ross: Autumn Textures
BudCat14/Ross: Distance
BudCat14/Ross: Figueroa Mountain, California - Autumn
BudCat14/Ross: Figueroa Mountain, California
BudCat14/Ross: MGM (1938)
BudCat14/Ross: Artificial Butterflys
BudCat14/Ross: Garden Still Life
BudCat14/Ross: Very Red Begonia
BudCat14/Ross: June Allyson -
BudCat14/Ross: Esther Williams - Summer, 1947
BudCat14/Ross: Starfish at Home
BudCat14/Ross: California Beach
BudCat14/Ross: Jimmie Rodgers
BudCat14/Ross: Julie Christie
BudCat14/Ross: Autumn Nostalgia from California....
BudCat14/Ross: Summer Fun - Willow Mill Park., Pennsylvania - Original BxW Snapshot: Ross J. Care, my dad
BudCat14/Ross: California Gazania
BudCat14/Ross: Sunset With Channel Island
BudCat14/Ross: The Other Side of CAPRI
BudCat14/Ross: Landscape
BudCat14/Ross: Canalasso
BudCat14/Ross: Untitled
BudCat14/Ross: Water Lily (Nymphaeaceae)
BudCat14/Ross: Spot-on hommage to/satire of 50s sci-fi. Would make a great double-feature with IRON SKY.
BudCat14/Ross: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, director George Seitz
BudCat14/Ross: 1982, 1987
BudCat14/Ross: IRON SKY (2012)
BudCat14/Ross: Beach Ball Bud