Joe Hayhurst: Buttermere on a rainy morning / Gavin Dronfield: IMG_0450: Hassness reflected in Buttermere Cumbria UK
DWH284: Green and Pleasant Land
SJR19 Photography: Winter Sunset
Mark Rowell: Napes Needle
greengrocer48: Watendlath.
miketonge: Wonder-Wall.
Iand49 (Instagram @iand.49): Reflections inside Rydal Cave
Iand49 (Instagram @iand.49): Skiddaw early on a cool, crisp autumn morning
newnumenor: HALL 101
newnumenor: LANG 193
moniquerebanks: Special moments
jhellender: DSC_4981_
Gus Dipper: Wastwater
Frightened Tree: Honister Slate Mine
warth man: Still dry around here
shaunyoung365: Holme Fell
greengrocer48: Derwentwater.
greengrocer48: Maiden Moor, the Chinese bridge and a nice hotel.
colbrown5: Little Langdale, Cumbria / Gavin Dronfield: IMG_0405: Coledale Fells from Maiden Moor Cumbria UK
newnumenor: LANG 192
newnumenor: LANG 191
Fencehugger: Lakeland bench view.
Lazlo Woodbine: Silver Howe Summit (September 2021 #10)
moniquerebanks: A misty dawn
ChrisPy63: Common darter