After-the-Rain: Musca autumnalis (Face fly) on Ragwort
After-the-Rain: Hoverfly grooming on the flower of Devil'sBit Scabious
After-the-Rain: Juvenile Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)
After-the-Rain: Nuthatch
After-the-Rain: on stormy waters
After-the-Rain: Didiscus coerulea 'Blue Lace'
After-the-Rain: Moody Blues
After-the-Rain: Whispers
After-the-Rain: Redshank (Tringa totanus)
After-the-Rain: Oystercatchers
After-the-Rain: Curlew at Mawbray
After-the-Rain: Nuthatch
After-the-Rain: Fly like the wind
After-the-Rain: Coal Tit
After-the-Rain: Rainy Days
After-the-Rain: Juvenile Dunnock
After-the-Rain: Juvenile Wren
After-the-Rain: Beachy blues
After-the-Rain: Golden leaves of Wisteria
After-the-Rain: Painted Lady
After-the-Rain: The softer side
After-the-Rain: Common Ringed Plover
After-the-Rain: Common Whitethroat hiding in the Gorse thicket
After-the-Rain: .....and the living is easy
After-the-Rain: Small Copper ( Lycaena phlaeas)
After-the-Rain: After the Rain
After-the-Rain: Bullfinch male (1 of 2)
After-the-Rain: Bullfinch female (2 of 2)
After-the-Rain: A bit Moor-ish
After-the-Rain: Hoverfly - Volucella pellucens