greengrocer48: Pool and fell
greengrocer48: Mungrisdale, Mosedale and Carrock Fell from Eycott Hill
greengrocer48: The walk from the car
greengrocer48: Remnants of the old volcanic activity
greengrocer48: Eycott Hill and friends.
greengrocer48: Great Mell Fell from Eycotte Hill.
greengrocer48: From Eycott Hill.
greengrocer48: Saddleback from the path to Eycott Hill.
greengrocer48: Eycott Hill looking towards Borrowdale.
greengrocer48: The querky landscape of Eycott Hill - one time volcano.
greengrocer48: The Northern Fells From Eycott Hill.
greengrocer48: A field of dreams
greengrocer48: Cross Fell and the Dun Fells.
greengrocer48: River Eden.
greengrocer48: Ladies Walk.
greengrocer48: Gamblesby from the A686.
greengrocer48: Pennine View.
greengrocer48: By Langwathby bridge.
greengrocer48: The A686
greengrocer48: Pennine foothills and the Eden Valley
greengrocer48: From Hartside
greengrocer48: The Vale of Eden from the Tan Hill road.
greengrocer48: St. Cuthberts, Edenhall.
greengrocer48: Penrith
greengrocer48: St. Cuthbert's Edenhall
greengrocer48: Lazonby and the Eden Valley
greengrocer48: Cross Fell.
greengrocer48: The Eden Valley and the East fellside.