greengrocer48: The Howgills.
greengrocer48: Smardale Gill Viaduct.
greengrocer48: Smardale Gill viaduct and red berries
greengrocer48: Fly Agaric.
greengrocer48: Smardale Gill Viaduct
greengrocer48: Derwentwater.
greengrocer48: Whiteless Pike.
greengrocer48: People on top.
greengrocer48: The Newlands Valley
greengrocer48: Crummock
greengrocer48: October - St Andrew's Churchyard - Penrith.
greengrocer48: Martindale.
greengrocer48: From Walla Crag
greengrocer48: Rosthwaite from Castle.
greengrocer48: Place Fell from Spying Howe
greengrocer48: Derwentwater.
greengrocer48: Mosedale.
greengrocer48: Settle Carlisle railway passing Wild Boar Fell dropping into Mallerstang
greengrocer48: Viaducts Map Stenkrith to Hartley.
greengrocer48: Eden Viaducts - Stenkreth to Hartley.
greengrocer48: Stenkrith. The Devils millstone or Grinding Mill.
greengrocer48: Hellgill and the infant River Eden
greengrocer48: Wild Boar Fell over Nateby
greengrocer48: Leaving Causey.
greengrocer48: Heading off Causey Pike.
greengrocer48: Dropping down to Howtown
greengrocer48: Derwentwater and Great Wood
greengrocer48: Cauldron Snout.
greengrocer48: South Tyne Trail. Approaching Slaggyford.